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7 Best Gimbals for DSLR in 2023 (Buying Guide)

Video content is one of the best forms of storytelling. It has the power of visuals, and the maker or producer can show exactly what he or she wants the audience to see. If you are a new filmmaker or content creator, you will want your content to be perfect.

Despite the brilliance of the content, video makers often face a problem with the stability of the camera. If the camera is unstable, it can completely ruin a beautiful scene.

To solve this issue, we have come with some of the top options for the best gimbal for DSLR cameras. Gimbal will keep the camera stable while taking a moving shot and give you the perfect shot you visualized.

There are various kinds of gimbal in the market; each one may be different from the other. That’s why we have listed some of the best ones that might suit you the best.

Best Gimbals for DSLR

Here, we’ll tell you about the camera stabilizers that we’ve found to be the top options in the market. So, let's learn about the top gimbals on the market.

1. DJI RS 2 

DJI RS 2 – 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR and Mirrorless Camera, Nikon Sony Panasonic Canon Fujifilm, 4.5kg Payload, Carbon Fiber, Touchscreen, Black

First, on our list of reviews for the best DSLR gimbal, we have the DJI RS2, a fantastic accessory for your camera that will serve you the best.

This handheld gimbal has excellent durability. It is constructed of carbon fiber, and for this reason, it is very strong and lightweight as well. This one is perfect for holding any kind of camera.

It is only 1.3 Kg and can carry up to 4.5 kg of weight on it, which is more than enough to carry all types of cameras along with the various lenses.

Portability is not an issue with this as it is very lightweight, as mentioned above, and on top of that, it also has a foldable body, which makes it super easy to put in any bag.

This thing is also very user friendly. There is a touchscreen panel for controls, and it shows the details of the camera, like the battery power of the camera and recording details. This professional looking model is equipped with Titan stabilized algorithm and is Super Smooth.

The new algorithm makes it very easy to shoot videos from a challenging position using any camera. Super Smooth, the new software, is designed in a way that smoothens the footage when a lens of 10mm is used.

Furthermore, their focus wheel is placed where it will be very convenient for the user to adjust. It is placed right in front of the index finger of the user.

This product is worth every penny. The build quality and the features that it comes with definitely serve the user as per their requirements.



  • User-friendly set up
  • Amazing durability, made of carbon fiber, very light in weight, yet it can carry up to 4.5 kg
  • Very portable and easy to adjust
  • Comes with amazing extra features


  • A bit expensive

2. Zhiyun Crane 2S

Zhiyun Crane 2S 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR Camera Mirrorless Cameras Professional Video Stabilizer Compatible with Sony Nikon Canon Panasonic LUMIX BMPCC 6K Crane2S New zhi yun Crane 2

Next on our list, we have the Zhiyun Crane 2S, another fabulous option for your camera as it’s one of the best DSLR gimbals. This, similar to the Zhiyun Crane 3, has the capability tol help you get the perfect professional-level shot that you desire.

The awesome built quality makes it stand out in the market. It is made of carbon fiber. As we all know, things made of carbon fiber are very strong and light-weighted. The material helps to carry heavy cameras.

It has a feature that allows setting up cameras on the gimbal in a very short time, making the work process very fast and easy.

This feature also allows the product to firmly hold cameras in place; therefore, the users can flip, roll, and make any fast movements with the camera without worrying about the camera falling off the gimbal.

The convenience of the gimbal does not stop there. It has a 0.98 inch LED display control panel, which helps the users monitor the controls easily. The advanced feature comes in very handy for the users.

Furthermore, you don't need to worry about battery life. It has a long battery life, which allows this to run for 12 hours straight, making the work process smooth without worrying about recharging it frequently.

Zhiyun Crane 2S


  • Affordable price range
  • Excellent built quality for heavily weighted cameras
  • Compatible with most camera brands
  • Well fitted to be used in all kind of weather with a great load capacity
  • Has a battery life of 12 hours


  • The motor blocks the cameras display sometimes

3. DJI RSC 2 

DJI RSC 2 – 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR and Mirrorless Camera, Nikon Sony Panasonic Canon Fujifilm, 3kg Payload, Vertical Shooting, OLED Screen, Black

DJI never fails to impress customers with innovative products; similarly, the DJI RSC 2 is one of the best gimbals in the market. RSC 2 has been designed with advanced features that help the user to take smooth video and time-lapse footage regardless of the shakes cameras have to go through in the shooting process.

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The gimbal is made of very strong components, which assures durability. Along with the high-quality component, the product is very lightweight as well; therefore, it is very easy to carry around.

Portability is not an issue with this model as the model can be folded to fit any place or storage bag very conveniently, needing very little space.

The user interface of the camera stabilizer is very simple and helps a lot to adjust and monitor the adjustment using an app. It has a touchscreen control panel display for the users' convenience, so you can easily control the tool when you don't have the phone app nearby.

You don't need to worry about the battery charge of the tool as it has lithium-ion batteries that will support you for 14 hours. On top of that, it has a quick charge option, which will support for more than 2 hours; it takes only 15 minutes for that.

It also supports a USB port connect, which increases the compatibility of the product and can also be used for charging.

The users can also switch the modes of the tool using the app to meet the requirements of the shots. Connect the camera with any device using the app and upload pictures directly to any site through links straight from the device. It has all the features the best gimbal needs to have.



  • Can carry a lot of weight without getting deformed
  • Sturdy thread mount that adds stability
  • Well balanced and lightweight, great for time-lapse
  • Advanced features like app compatibility
  • The long battery life of 14 hours


  • Other accessories are required

4. DJI Ronin-S 

DJI Ronin-S Essentials Kit - Camera Stabilizer 3-Axis Gimbal Handheld for DSLR Mirrorless Cameras up to 8lbs / 3.6kg Payload for Sony Nikon Canon Panasonic Lumix, Black

DJI Ronin-S is one of the most stable camera holders out there. The Ronin-S gimbal helps to take excellent shots as you can move it in any direction and angle to get the perfect shot you have in your mind.

It is a single hand gimbal and can also be detached part by part. Therefore it takes less place to store, which allows the user to keep it in any convenient place they want to. This feature is very convenient because, in shoots, people already have to carry a lot of stuff. So, with this gimbal, it will not be an additional hassle.

Even after being a single-hand gimbal, it is more than sufficient for carrying the weight of a camera. It can carry a payload of 3.6 kg, which is more than sufficient to carry the camera. The battery will support you for 12 hours straight. On top of that, it also has the option to be charged with a USB port.

The convenience of the handheld gimbal is complimented with the feature which allows the users to switch modes.

Shooting different scenes may require different camera movements; therefore, switching the mode allows it to act as per the requirement of the camera movement. This will give you the best outcome of the footage. It will help you omit the jumps and shakes and give you a perfect shot.

DJI Ronin-S


  • Well made with high-quality material for product longevity
  • More stable than other models in the market
  • Allows the user to switch modes for the best outcome
  • Easy setup and adjustable features
  • Long battery life of 12 hours


  • A bit heavy compared to other models in the market

5. MOZA Air 2 

MOZA Air 2 Gimbal Stabilizer with iFocusM Motor 3-Axis Handheld Stabilizers 8 Follow Modes for DSLRs Mirrorless Pocket Cinema Cameras 9lbs Payload 16h Running Time Include SoftCase

If you are a starter in film making or want to make videos for a hobby, this is the right gimbal.

One of the most common problems for a beginner in filming is keeping the camera stable. With this thing, stability will not be a problem as it is very well designed to keep the camera focused in one place. Apart from keeping the camera fixed, it also comes with other advanced features.

The product is super light in weight; therefore, carrying it around will not be a problem. While you are shooting for a long time, the weight will not be something you will complain about.

For the user's convenience, the professional looking gimbal comes with a display control panel, which helps the users to monitor and adjust the setting as per their requirements. Furthermore, it has an option where you can adjust the shooting mode to get perfect stability.

The modes will indicate the handheld gimbal to function in a way that will be best for the situation. For example, if you are shooting a sports game, you can switch to sports mode to get the perfect video quality that you want. Apart from sports mode, there is also Panorama, Tracking, Timelapse, and several other modes to switch to.

It also has a long battery life of 16 hours, and if required, it can also be charged with a USB port.

Surprisingly, even after having such amazing features, it is very small and conveniently sized; therefore, portability is not an issue with this gimbal.

MOZA Air 2


  • Very easy to carry due to being conveniently sized
  • Light-weighted and compact design but can handle a lot of weight
  • Allows shooting in various modes
  • Has a battery life of 16 hours and a USB port charging option


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  • The built quality is poor

6. Zhiyun WEEBILL-S 

Zhiyun Weebill S[Official Standard Package] 3-Axis Gimbal for Mirrorless and DSLR Cameras, Tripod, Carrying Case, Cleaning kit, 14 Hours Running Time

If you are looking for something budget-friendly and don’t want to compromise the performance, then this is the best gimbal to go for. With this, you can do more or less everything you could do with an expensive gimbal. This one has awesome stability, so the newcomers can use it with ease and confront.

It is the latest version which is has a fully new and advanced motor. This motor is three times more powerful than the previous one, which makes it more stable.

The movement of the camera is very well adjusted with this gimbal, which allows you to take shots however you want to. It was also designed with a new algorithm to smoothen the shakes and jumps in the footage.

A brilliant feature that is worth mentioning is Bluetooth connectivity. This feature allows the gimbal to be connected to other screens or monitors, allowing the shot to be monitored at its best. Therefore the perfect shot is very easily taken, saving you the additional cost of a reshoot.

Along with these features, there is a battery life of 14 hours. So, you don't need to worry about the battery with this camera stabilizer. This model also allows the user to switch modes to get the perfect shot. The mode which matches the situation has to be selected, and the result will be a perfect shot.

Moreover, the modes include Panorama, Tracking, Timelapse, and several others. For the price, this is an excellent handheld gimbal with a combination of advanced features and quality.



  • Great price; suitable for beginners and students
  • Advanced motors for better performance
  • Maximum stability
  • Battery life lasts for 14 hours
  • Bluetooth connectivity for easy connection to mobile apps


  • The setup process can be difficult

7. Feiyu Tech AK2000S 

FeiyuTech AK2000s Gimbal Camera Handheld Stabilizer with Handle Grip Bar LCD Screen for DSLR Camera Sony a6300 a6400 a6500 Canon M50 EOS Panasonic Nikon Fujifilm (Advanced Version)

This is another camera stabilizer in the low budget range. The device is excellent at delivering the performance that the user requires, and on top of that, the gimbal also costs very less compared to other ones.

It is very user-friendly and professional quality gimbal and makes filming a very easy and smooth process. What makes make it stand out in the market is the user-friendliness and the excellent features.

The features include a long battery life, which will support you for up to 12 hours. On top of that, if the charge runs out while shooting, it can very easily be charged using the USB cable port. Other sources of charging are available as well. So, the charge of the battery will not be a problem with this model.

Furthermore, it includes a remote control called Magic Ring, which allows the users to make adjustments very easily. The focus can be adjusted using the remote as well. It also includes a Touch screen control panel with an LED display that allows the user to easily monitor the adjustments.

The shots can very easily be taken with the auto-rotate feature. The feature allows difficult shots to be taken very easily without the hassle of manually rotating the thing. This gimbal is an excellent one for newcomers.

It is very much affordable, and it is designed for being used at an entry-level. For the price, this one is an excellent choice regardless of the level of expertise. It’s a basic handheld gimbal that fits all your needs.

Feiyu Tech AK2000S


  • Low maintenance
  • Auto-rotate feature reducing manual work
  • Lasts for 12 hours with one charge
  • Very well balanced, great for setting up cameras in rocky areas


  • Setup may be difficult for beginners

Things to Consider Before Buying a Gimbal for Your DSLR Camera

To understand your needs and the type of gimbal you need, you should consider several factors that will help you better understand the product. Below, we will tell you about them to help you find the best DSLR gimbal.

Weight & Portability

In most cases, gimbals are pretty lightweight since they are made to be carried around while taking shots and videos that require a lot of movement. However, there are gimbals which are a bit heavy compared to other models in the market.

When it comes to weight, what you need to consider is the weight of the whole setup, which means the DSLR gimbal along with the cameras.

Keep in mind that you need to carry the whole setup with you during your shoots, which can go on for a long time. Carrying something heavy will only make your work harder, and the whole process more difficult for you. Therefore make sure you used something more convenient to carry around.

Balance & Stability 

Most people argue about this point; they believe that since it is a video stabilizer, there is no point in considering the balance. By balance, cameras will stay stabilized, and you will be able to better handle the cameras.

To stabilize these movements in a video, a gimbal is used. Suppose a scene has to be shot where the filmmaker has to run holding the DSLR camera. In this case, it is very hard for the user to keep the camera stable while running. No matter how much they try, the footage will become shaky.

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People who are at a beginner level face more problems where they can't hold the camera properly. This problem can be easily dealt with with a gimbal. The gimbal adjusts the camera and stabilizes the movement, which helps the filmmaker get a brilliant shot.

Newcomers in the industry often find it very difficult to stabilize an action camera as well. Handling the action camera well is the first step towards professionalism. With the use of gimbals, keeping the video steady is a very easy task.

You should always go for DSLR camera gimbal, which balance all kinds of cameras very easily and act as a video stabilizer. This brings us to the next point.


Gimbals are like an investment; therefore, it needs to have a high load capacity. It’s very unlikely that you will use the same video cameras or action cameras for all of your work. On different occasions, you will need different action cameras.

However, all gimbals are not compatible with all kinds of DSLR cameras. If you find that the gimbals you use can only be used with only one camera, it will be very inconvenient.

Therefore, always look for a gimbal that can be used with another camera or compatible with many DSLR cameras. Apart from camera compatibility, the way you can set up cameras is also very important.

Battery Life

In any electrical device, the battery support is very important. It ensures a long period of usage, making the work process quick without the hassle of recharging the device for a low battery. In the case of the gimbal, this point is very crucial.

The gimbal is an electrical device that works with the camera so that the users, apart from keeping the camera battery charged, can also keep the gimbal battery charged.

While going for shooting, the camera's battery has to be full to serve the shoot properly. Similarly, the charge of the DSLR gimbal is also significant. The shoots can be outside, where electric supply for recharge might not be available. And even if it is available, the recharge will take time, which stops the works process.

Therefore always go for a DSLR gimbal that gives the maximum support with long battery life and can take on great load capacity. If the battery life is long, you can go for a shoot far away in a remote location and shoot for as long as you want without needing to worry about the DSLR gimbal's battery charge.

On average, most DSLR gimbal has battery support of 6 hours to 16 hours.

Price & Features

Lastly, the price of a DSLR gimbal is a major factor. Always make cost and benefit or return on investment analysis before you buy any product. Compare the cost of gimbals with the type of work or benefits it will provide to your work.

Also, compare the product to a certain price range. If you compare, you will see that you can get a variety of gimbals with different features in a certain price range, which eventually help you make a smarter decision.

Suppose you want to go for an expensive gimbal, then definitely look for the features and compare them with other gimbals to see whether you can get a better camera gimbal with better features or not. Otherwise, it won’t be wise to spend so much money on the product.

Best Gimbals for DSLR—Frequently asked questions

Why is gimbal so expensive?

DSLR Camera stabilizers are made of very high-quality compounds, or else it will not be able to take the weight of a camera. On top of that, the gimbal also has to be lightweight. The controller is also something the manufacturer company has to invest in; that is why they have to charge a high price to make a profit.

Is it worth getting a camera gimbals?

DSLR Camera stabilizers will help you take brilliant shots, which are either very hard to take or impossible to take on your own.

Therefore creative minds often choose a gimbal for the kind of shoot they want to achieve as it is convenient, gives you image stabilization, and is cheap compared to other sources.

Can you take pictures with camera gimbals?

Of course, you can take pictures with this tool using your phone. In fact, the picture will come out brilliant if taken by a gimbal. It stabilizes the camera, helping you take pictures in precise angles and positions exactly the way you want.

How do I choose a camera gimbal?

While choosing a DSLR gimbal, you should always consider the balance, weight capacity, camera compatibility, and lastly, the last price of the gimbal.

Does a DSLR gimbal make a difference?

The difference between using a DSLR gimbal and not using one is like the difference between a motorbike and a cycle. Both will get you to point A or to point B. However, one will take more time and effort than the other.

So gimbals do make a difference, even sometimes professionals use DSLR gimbal to make the process easy. With this tool, you get better pictures that look more professional.

Final Words

A DSLR Gimbal is a great gadget for taking professional shots very easily and quickly.

Some scenes might be very difficult to shoot because you can’t find the right spot to put your camera in. With a gimbal, you can explore your creativity and place the camera in any scene, regardless of the budget, experience, and stability.

We hope the article has helped you get a clear idea about gimbals and help you choose the best gimbal for DSLR. Explore your talent and imagination to the fullest with the right gimbal by your side.

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