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Best Photography Youtube Channels You Can Follow

Whether you are new to learning the ropes of becoming an expert photographer, or you have been in the game of taking superb photos for a while, there is still always something new you can learn to enhance your photography experience.

Read, watch, and observe some of these wonderful and useful tips that will help you to become the very best you can possibly be in your photography career!

Table of Contents

1. Peter McKinnon

My name is Peter McKinnon and I am an inspiring photographer who has captured the attention and support from millions of people. Growing up as a drummer, and having the punk rock theme lifestyle, I found that I had acquired an interest in filming skateboarding scenes, home videos, as well as scenes of my close family and friends performing attempted stunts that often resulted in becoming fails from falls. What I have captured through life has inspired so many others to follow their dreams.

I am Jessica Kobeissi, and my work tells my viewers my life story and how I have advanced into the photographer that I am today. I am fascinated by the beauty in the world surrounding me, and I am most interested in photographing people from many different walks of life. My outgoing spirit and personality has led me to where I am at today and hope to continue inspiring others with what I capture in the work that I do.

We are Tony and Chelsea Northrup, and we specialize in giving our viewers all of the latest tips and information on photography. We like to share reviews on cameras as well. Everything that you’ll want to learn from a beginner to an experienced photographer we offer right here on our channel. What our fans like most about us is how we share many visuals on the techniques and special effects that we use to enhance their photographs.

I’m Jared Polin and I am known for my unique sense humor (and my big afro hair) in telling the story of myself and sharing my journey with others on where I once was and where I currently have come now in my photography career. While I started out not having the best confidence in sharing photography information to people; within 9 years I finally had it down. Although ‘til this very day I am still not a great editor this seemed to still work out in my favor because people enjoy the raw footage that I share with them.

At COOPH photography channel we show our viewers things that they would have never thought of doing themselves to cut corners as well as save costs for their photography lighting and special effects. Basically we give our viewers hacks for photography that put people on the edge of their seats and gets them excited for their next photoshoot. Some people simply love watching us for our unique and mesmerizing photographing techniques and that’s what keeps them coming back for more!

At Adorama we take you our viewers through various series of photographing experiences. It’s as if you are literally going on a journey with us, exploring what beautiful moments are captured through what we share with you. We are also known for giving workshop tips, and dos and donts for people who want to learn more about what it is that can make their photographs better. Stay tuned with us on our current series of My Travel Diary Bhutan. You won’t want to miss out on the beautiful culture and life of Bhutan that we have captured.

We are Rachel, Daniel, and Carlton. In our tutorial videos we basically share our life story of our passion of photography. We make lots of videos, tutorials, and our most common photography that we perform is shooting photos for weddings. Within only a year of being YouTube photographers our fan base has grown to almost 1 million subscribers. Our roommate, Carlton, is a dog and we love to incorporate him into many of our photo shoots. We enjoy meeting new people and sharing our photography experiences with these new people that we meet.

8. Tutvid

As a 12 year old I become very interested and invested into stock markets, and with the help of my Mom I was able to learn a bit more about the process of stock marketing. By the age of 1 I knew that in life I wanted to become a businessman. I tried out a lot of things bout lost a lot of money. Throughout my trials and errors of trying to find ways to make money, I became interested in the photography, specifically photography for graphic design and web developing. Now I have been able to share what I know about being a great photographer when it comes to web developing.

Here on Think Media, I give my viewers and subscribers a heads up on some of the best photography equipment that can be purchased for the best quality photos. I have done videos helping my subscribers find the right cameras depending on the type of photos they plant on taking as well as notifying people through my videos on when there are sales and deals on some of the highest quality cameras. I basically help my viewers save money while achieving their dreams of photography.

10. Kai W

If you love photographer and entertainment then you are sure to love my channel. I’m Kai, and I have been a photographer for quite some time. My viewers get the advantage of being able to learn about cameras they can purchase at a reasonable price as well as learning about choosing the best lens for their cameras. I review various camera brands and let you know what you can do with these cameras to make it easier to choose a perfect camera for your photography.

Hi, we are Lee Morris, and Patrick Hall, and we started a blog based upon photography and video. Our website and channel have both been running since 2010. We have a number of different videos that bring in high traffic and popularity as well as reviews on various different types of cameras that are available on the market to purchase. The videos we shoot are never boring, and often offer and insight on how you get the cool effects of photos that look like something experts would perform.

Hi, my channel is based off of filmmaking. One of the videos featured on my page is how to make GoPro go cinematic. So if you’re into filming then you might like what you see when you take a look at some of the videos that I have to offer. Another video that might be helpful to those beginner directors out there is how stabilize shaky footage. Many of my videos offer some useful tips when it comes to filmmaking, so come and check me out!

I’m Parker Walbeck, and filming is my passion. I enjoy sharing what I film on YouTube as well as offering tips and advice to others who enjoy filming as well. I offer helpful videos such as “How to Film a Wedding,” and “How to Shoot a Commercial.” Most of these videos are quite helpful and useful to those of you who are new to filming, however, people who have been filming for a while might find some of my tips helpful as well since some of my techniques may be different techniques than what you are used to.

We are a team of individuals that have a passion for cameras and photography, and we love to share what we know with people who share that passion and want to learn more about the best cameras that they can use for photography. We love to help others and we love to share fun times and humor in what we do best. Buying a camera is a very important decision to make, especially if you plan on making photography a career. We show you what you need and all you need to know! Look no further than B&H Photo Video.

I’m Hayden, and I love photography; it’s the center of my life, and I love sharing with others what I like to do. My favorite type of photography is water photography as you can really do some amazing things with water in a photoshoot. I also like to give advice to my viewers my offering them various different hacks and showing my viewrs tips and tricks on new ideas that they can use in just 100 seconds. These seem to be some of my most popular videos where I get the most views. My videos are interesting and unique; definitely set apart from anything else you have ever seen!

I am Serge Ramelli, a French photographer and I have channels in both English and French for people who want to learn more about what I teach. I specialize in teaching my viewers Lightroom and Photoshop photography and tutorials. The unique techniques that I have used have resulted in my work being published in over 70 galleries all over the world. I work especially well in my demonstrations of changing the background lighting of photos to enhance the photo quality and uniqueness.

When you visit my channel you will learn a lot of things that there is to know about photography and channels in general. I teach my viewers everything from presets that you can use to get certain results that they want to see in their photos, to copying color grades from different images. My videos are both personal and informational. I also help up and coming photographers learn what more it is that they need to know when it comes to succeeding in the world of photography. No one cares more about what you do than you, and you have to follow your dreams!

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At Arunz Creation, we specialize in providing you the tutorials of your dreams! All of our videos revolve around Photoshop, special effects, and manipulation for very unique, and imaginary photo results. While many of the photos that are created are not realistic, they look real, and are quite inspiring to those who see them. We make the impossible believable in what we do and we show you how to do it! We offer tips and take you step by step on how to accomplish our Photoshop portrait moments. You can broaden your world of photography with just a click of the mouse.

I’m Irene, and I love travelling world, exploring life, and capturing all that I see around me with photographing these moments. I also meet other inspiring photographers and share my moments with them and my viewers. I learn from others that share the same passion of photography with me and I also share my experiences with my viewers. I try a lot of different photography techniques and combine them with various styles and fashion.

I’m a commercial photographer who has been a photographer for over 30 years. My team and I explain various different aspects of photography and we do it in a simplified form so that those who are just learning can easily understand the ins and outs, dos and donts. This helps people to gain a broader aspect of photography more easily as they become more familiar with the basics. Beginners can benefit from what we have to offer as well as those who are already advanced.

We are Kanbokeh, and we capture a lot of beautiful, colorful photography moments that we like to share with our subscribers. We love to express and show the beauty in the world around us. We love the fun, loving, and happy moments that bring happiness to other people as well. We also like to share our creative ideas as well as tips and tricks that you can use in your own photography. We love lots of confetti, lots of color, and lots of life!

Hi I’m Saurav, and my channel is alive and informative! You will never get bored with what you see on my channel because I offer lots of tips for those who are just starting out in photography, and I can show you how to get the most amazingly professional photos that you could ever imagine. At my channel you will also learn how to properly use your camera and learn more about various different features of your camera so that you can better use it. My channel is where you’ll learn everything that you need to know to become the very best at what you do!

I am Denny King, and you will learn more about me and what I do when you visit my channel. Life is an amazing thing to capture in the world of photography, and you will learn what all there is to know about enhancing that world when you watch my edit tutorials of various different types of photos. I mostly specialize in various ways that you can edit your videos in different shades, tones and lighting as well as some special effects.

I’m Carl Taylor, and what I enjoy doing I love sharing with the world of photographers all across the world. You will be able to see and learn what all it is that I do to have the most extraordinary results in the photoshoots that I do. You are basically there with me in the studio, and at all of the destinations that I visit during my photography moments. You will get to learn and share my passion no matter where you are in your photography career.

We are CreativeLive, and people come to use from all across the world to learn what we know. No matter where you are in your photography hobby or career, we have something for you! We experts in what we teach when it comes to lighting, photo editing, and techniques. You won’t get bored in learning all that we know because we have a lot to offer to the table about the world of photography.

On DSLR Video Shooter, we offer our viewers information on the latest photography equipment as well as reviews on the equipment so that you know what you are getting when you get ready to buy. We tell you what cameras work for what type of photography and why it is important to know about the different features that come with certain type of cameras. So we basically give you the knowledge that is needed in cameras depending on the type of photos that you will be taking.

My name is Chris Winter and I have a passion for not only sharing ways to make some extra money, but I am also quite fond of photography and cameras. I share many videos for those of you who are beginners in the photography industry as well as those who have been doing this for a while. I  offer great camera reviews as well as advice on using different types of cameras.

On our channel we offer our viewers several series of interesting informative videos that take your photography habits to a whole different level. We show you different photography scenes and set-ups and then we show you how to do them yourself. We also give you some of the latest views on the best model of cameras that are available to buy.

I'm Gene Nagata. I've spent the last 10+ years making videos for brands & artists and there has clearly been a major shift in content being consumed. Everyone used to throw around words like "Professional" and "Commercial". Now it's all about "Viral" "Memes" "Trendy". After seeing the significance of online video, I started a youtube channel and my life was changed in a matter of months. On my channel I upload different DSLR, mirror less and cinema camera reviews and comparison videos. 

At GMAX STUDIOS we teach a number of different things when it comes to filming as well as discuss in our videos what some of the best cameras are to use for taking superb photos. You will find that our favorite brand of cameras to review is the Canon, because it is one of the most popular camera brands the we believe is of top quality compared to some of the other camera brands. We also visited the FUJI Factory in one of our videos to tour and learn more about how these precious cameras are made.

I’m Imogen, and my photography is based around modeling-style photography. I do a number of different photoshoots and in my videos I basically demonstrate and explain how I do my setup to accomplish the type of photoshoot I am doing. Also I will regularly discuss the camera as well as the lens that I am using while I perform certain photoshoots so that you will have a better idea of how photos turn out with certain lenses and cameras.

I’m Thomas Heaton, and I enjoy landscape photography. So if you are into this type of photography then you might be interested in subscribing to my channel to learn more about the techniques that I use when taking my photos. In one of my videos, you will learn how to use a wide angle lens and in another I will teach you how to Focus Stack. These are just a couple of the videos that I offer for you to watch on my channel, so stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe!

Hi, I’m JP Morgan, and I specialize in doing a number of different crazy, unique, and interesting photoshoots. The photoshoots I do are nothing like you’ve never seen before, and they are exciting and fun! You’ll never be bored when you watch the different types of photos I take as well as the techniques that I use in my photoshoots so subscribe now, and don’t miss out!

Hi, I’m Daniel, do you want to learn more about handheld B Roll filming? If so then you are in luck because this is the type of filming that I specialize in doing. I basically show you how to do this type of filming with a number of different demonstrations so that you too can master this art of filming. I also show you how to perform a number of different special effects in my videos.

On my channel I like to educate my viewers on a number of different tips and tricks to help with editing and organizing your photos that you take. The majority of my tips and tricks basically discuss light room techniques for editing the photos that you take so that you can enhance or change how they look. Wanna learn about the different types of light room CC? I can also show you the difference with those as well!

I’m Jason Lanier, and I do a lot of unfiltered photography so that my viewers are able to see real raw material as if they were there. One of my featured videos is a 3 part video shot inside of a historical boxing venue on Philadelphia; so it’s a great part of history. You will get to see how I take some photos in this abandoned venue and while you observe this photoshoot you will get to learn a bit about the history in this place.

I’m Joshua Cripps, and in my videos that are featured on YouTube, I show you how you can take some great photos regardless of the type of camera that you own. Its’s all basically in the technique that you use. I also teach you about the 7 principles of taking photos in one of my videos.

My channel is based on a lot of different aspects of photography. I show you a lot of different features for different camera models, and I also do camera giveaways! I also have videos discussing iPads replacing your laptop for camera edits.

My name is Manny Ortiz and I offer my followers great new photography videos every week, so there is always something fresh and new being offered to my fans and viewers. I like to do a lot of modelling style photography or people dressed fashionably, and I also compare different types of cameras according to their price range; showing you that sometimes price doesn’t always mean better. I also give tips on how to get your photos turning out a certain way. Stay tuned!

I’m Benjamin Jaworkyj and I have been a photographer for 10 years. Now I travel all over the world capturing some of the most unforgettable moments in life with my viewers. I also enjoy taking interesting photos of the night sky, galaxy, and the moon. Not only do I share my personal photography experiences from my travels, I also give others tips and hacks advice that they can take along with them on their photography journey.

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I’m Chris Hau, I’m a photographer, and a wave surfer that travels the world taking various different photos of special moments. I post videos on how to grow your business as well as how to perform technical tricks with your camera. I try to give my viewers something new on a weekly basis and you can also view my captured moments on Instagram to see what I’ve been up to lately. I really enjoy telling my stories and telling people about them.

On my channel I have lots of tips to offer to other fellow photographers out there. One special video that I offer my viewers and fellow photographers is how to properly pose people who aren’t models. I have lots of posing videos because posing seems to be a challenge for many beginner photographers especially. Other things that you might enjoy watching and learning are locations that are great places for photographing and the right camera for your travels.

I’m Mike and I offer lots of advice when it comes to the imaging and how to properly focus cameras on objects and moments, to give the photo a unique and meaningful look. I really enjoy inspiring and helping my viewers and people who come in contact with me to teach them the beauty or photography and how they can make it better. I teach you ways that you can work with the settings on your camera to enhance your photos.

We have a passion for photographer. In order be a great photographer you must also love people if you plan to have them in your photos; that is what we believe. We offer our viewers various different tutorials on editing their photos in many different ways to capture a unique and unforgettable moment. The majority of the photos we take are outdoors and among nature to show the beauty of life and humankind.

I’m Michael Maven and I am known for the podcasts on my channel that revolve around cameras and photography. I basically discuss and do a lot of comparison from one type and brand of camera to another camera that is similar but a different brand. So it’s mostly reviews and helping people to better understand the product as well as its features.

My channel is basically showing giving the viewers advice on how they can enhance their photography moments. I have created tutorial videos that discuss anything from properly using Tripods, to flash tips for angling the camera in the right lighting. Lightroom tutorials are also given in quite a few of my videos.

I’m Taylor Jackson and I’m a well-known photographer of weddings. I spend a lot of time and effort perfecting the photos that I take and take extra care of making sure that my photos include the best details possible. I often film the majority of the photos that I take at the events that I attend so that my viewers can have more of an up close and personal idea of how I work the angles of my camera. As I work my camera during these events I am giving a description in the commentary of what I am doing so that others can learn how to go about photographing at a wedding.

Put together videos of camera reviews, explaining to you the features, but also giving my viewers a better idea of how certain cameras work by providing photos to show the results that you get after taking photos on certain settings. My videos are more about the product itself and less about me. You will also have a better idea also of a comparison when it comes to camera lenses when comparing them side by side.

If you want to learn more about film making and the techniques of filmmaking to become better at it, then Filmora MVP is the place you’ll come to learn about how you get those special effects that you see in all of action-packed super hero movies that you’ve watched over the years. We basically show you a behind the scenes of how it works. Special effects can become easy and best of all free to learn when you watch Filmora MVP.

We at the channel Science filmmaking tips are here to help you learn more about tips and tricks that you can use for photo and video editing. We even have a video that informs you on 52 different ways that you can improve your photos and videos. If you are looking for some new things to add to your list of photography experience, you just may be interested in checking out some of what we have to offer on our channel.

I offer my fans and subscribers a number of different useful techniques when it comes to photography. I have different videos available on my channel explaining different tips and tricks for weddings, as well as the proper setups for a home studio and how to set up your lighting just right. I also have a video available on my channel about composition and symmetry basics for those extra unique photo shoot moments.

I’m a photographer that enjoys travelling the world, seeing some sights and taking photos that I never would have seen otherwise. I also have an array of videos that I share with others on different types of film and cameras, explaining the quality of them and what all you would be able to achieve with them. I have gone from using disposable cameras, to cameras that are more expensive. I a lot of my videos are also discussions with others based around photography and their experiences as well.

We are a channel that offers various video series to our watchers based around everything that has to do with photography. Many of the events and videos that we have posted have been live so that people are able to see what’s current. As many photographers, we do a lot of traveling and sharing what we have captured with different cameras so that our viewers are able to observe the quality of the photos that we take.

While I have a few random videos available on my channel that don’t quite relate to photography, all are nonetheless quite interesting to watch for those that enjoy some entertainment. However, the majority of my videos have to do with photography and camera reviews and such. I like to show off the cameras that I own and the amazing photos that I capture with them, and I do a lot of banter about photography stuff in general.

Being a photographer is quite rewarding in the fact that I get to travel the world and capture wildlife moments while at the same time living my life to the fullest. I am also honored to be able to share these moments with viewers. I have gotten up close and in person to many wildlife creatures in these moments, and while doing so I can explain to other nature photographer enthusiasts the methods that I use to be able to capture those up close moments.

I’m Allam, I’m an experience photographer that enjoys traveling and sharing tips on how to make your photos turn out a lot better. For instance, many people taking their photos have them turning out bit wonky if they don’t center their cameras correctly; I give advice on how to fix this issue. Of course there is also photoshop that will allow you to adjust any imperfections in your photos.

I’m Lok, and I like to share with my viewers my photography adventures traveling to many different destinations in Hong Kong. On my channel, my viewers can also check out my Vlog which offers some wonderful updates on how things are going on my life and what adventures I have gone on lately.

I’ve been sharing my photography journey and videos for my viewers for 9 years, and there is never not an interesting moment on my videos. I keep my videos fun, informative, and interesting when it comes to my world of photography, which is my passion. I also review various different types of cameras and photography gear for those who are trying to find a good camera for their photos.

Jessica Whitaker here and I am a photographer based in New York. I give my viewers advice on how to take better photos as well as what cameras are best to use for these photos. I also have some videos on my channel where I should the difference in cameras when it comes to their millimeter settings and the clarity that they offer. There are plenty more videos where those come from.

I’m Steve and I am a photographer. I own a Nikon camera so if you own this type of camera then you might benefit from watching my channel because I basically discuss the settings that you can use to gain the desired effects that you want in your photos. I have various videos explaining different parts on the camera and how to utilize them.

Special enhancement effects is all about what my channel is. You will learn more about how to choose the perfect weather for certain photoshoots, ad how you can use inserts for certain cameras to get a certain background or lighting effect. My channel will also present you with ways to have professional results with the minimal photographer equipment.

I give advice and compare various configurations of cameras. I show you how you can save money by comparing these camera options because sometimes we naturally think that more expensive means better quality; but that’s not always the case. I can help you save you hundreds of dollars on photography equipment.

I’m Evan, and I teach my viewers many things on my channel through a variety of videos that I have available for people to watch. I show people mistakes that they should avoid while photographing, as well as ways that people can make money using their photography skills.

A witty guy with a passion for photography is what explains me. I suppose this is why people like watching my reviews. I’m funny and offer a lot of information that you wouldn’t know otherwise about the millimeters that you should be using as well as reviews for some of the best cameras out there.

Landscaping and photography are my passion and I am lucky to be able to live my dream. While I get to live my dream I also get to teach my viewers ways that you can improve your photography experiences. I teach on mistakes you shouldn’t make as well as how to get the best photos out of a beautiful view.

On my channel I offer viewers comparison reviews of various different camera brands such as Canon and Sony. My reviews are detailed so that to help you make a better decision based on your photography needs. I also do some photography editing reviews for photo enhancement.

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I’m Bethany, a Mom of 3 and I am also a photographer and I enjoy what I do. I offer photo session tips as well as advice for setups for photoshoots. All beginners should know what to and what not to do when taking photos so I have a video on that as well. Come visit my channel to see what more I have to offer.

I’m Jana, and I’m a photographer that specializes in mostly wedding photographer, and I have so much fun doing this job! I honestly feel like the career found me as it has helped me in so many ways live my life to the fullest and connect with so many others who I now consider to be friends.

I specialize in mobile photography and video editing, which means I am constantly on the go with my photography experiences, and the best part is that I get to share these experiences with people from all around the world. I get to travel and do what I like the most.

At Beyond Photography I take extreme care and detail in helping those who are looking to learn more about photographing in certain different situations. For instance, one of my most current videos is one of me doing a photoshoot of a glass transparent trophy; it’s quite a useful video.

I’m Anita, and I specialize in photography that is set around a certain mood or theme. I use a lot of presets to set moods for certain backgrounds. My photography consists mostly of female models, and in some of my videos I also address how to correctly pose your models.

I discuss tips about various photography techniques which focus on the proper lighting for different skin tones. So some of the things that you will get to learn about include retouching photos in photoshop, and removing stray hairs that cause photos to look sloppy.

Nikon, Sony, and Canon are the top cameras for photography purposes and on my channel you will learn more about the variety of models that are available as well as how to get the most out of whichever one you choose to buy.

I make videos based on photography and my experiences travelling while doing photography. My videos are also quite popular because of their music alone; the music really helps my audience to enjoy my content even more. Music definitely plays a huge role in expressing photography, and I’m all here for it.

At Motion Array Tutorials, we are video editors that show users how to use apps like Premiere Pro and After Effects to enhance your videos but making them more interesting to watch. So if you are a film maker or video editor, some of the tips and unique methods we show you can definitely help you with bringing your experience up a notch or two. You’ll find that we have videos that teach you how to create a Faux 3D spin effect, as well as a video that teaches you how to end a song.

I’m Arthur, you can follow my wife and I on our photography journey and YouTube as we stay updated on the latest technology in cameras. We have awesome reviews basically discussing the perfect lenses for your camera and also comparing cameras like the Canon and Sony models.

I specialize in landscape photography. I have traveled many different places to photograph many different types of landscape scenery, rain or shine, hot or cold. I desire to inspire those around me who also have the same passion for photography. Hopefully what I share helps others to succeed as well.

I’m Marc Silber, the host of Advancing Your Photography, and I interview others who have been in the field of working as a photographer for many years. I help with bringing new tips, tricks, and ideas to those who are looking to master being the best photographer they could possibly be.

We bring many tutorials to you that will simply help you to enhance and professionalize your photography skills. Some of the techniques that we use are quite simply yet look very sophisticated and professional once you have done a bit of tweaking.

I am Svitlana, and I specialize and doing many family-style photo shoots such as engagement, wedding, newborn, and general family photographing. I enjoy sharing my work, which also shows techniques to others and gives them ideas that they can use in their photoshoots as well. There is so much beauty in photography.

I am Pierre, in my videos a do a lot of shoots with various different types of cameras and I explain to the viewers why the cameras I use for certain shoots are best for those particular situations so they will have a better idea of how they work. I also use various settings and effects on cameras and I explain why they are good for certain situations.

In my videos, I discuss a lot about the use of iPads for photo editing because they are seriously the future of editing photos as opposed to using a desktop to do so. So you’ll actually be able to upload your shots to the iPad from your camera to make the edits and changes that you desire.

Sidney here, and when you visit my channel you’ll be able to tune into the adventures that I have and be informed of my ‘toys’ (cameras) that I used as well as learn more about the proper travel camera gear to use for ease and convenience.

I ask myself why I get up early in the morning regardless of the weather condition. The answer simply is, I love what I do. Photography is a creative outlet for me; it’s something that motivates me in life to continue being creative and it truly gives me a reason to live. I don’t do it for the fame and popularity; I do it for me.

When I purchase a new camera I’m always out in the open doing demos and samples on how to use the camera and also to ensure that I catch moments of my photography that others would appreciate when looking at the quality of the equipment. So everything I do is hands-on and to the advantage of the viewer.

My name is Craig, and I give a lot of advice and insight on photography from how to set your LCD settings for the perfect lighting effect to various other types of settings on your camera. It’s important to remember that your camera settings really affect the outcome of your photos.

I have fun doing a lot of traveling and doing a lot of outdoor photography and places that have unique landscaping features for photos you wouldn’t be able to take anywhere else. I also am a high believer that Summer is one of the best times of the year to do photography.

We are a team of photographers that enjoy traveling the world and capturing beautiful photographs of nature and life surrounding us. We share our lenses and experiences with different types of cameras and we show our viewers the results of what our lenses give us.

I have so many videos on my channel that are sure to inspire and help to enhance photography for people of all different levels. You will find everything from tutorials for beginners, to outdoor portraits using a flash on your camera. I share many techniques that will help you to become better at it.

My name is Mike, and I am 20 year old photographer; this is what I do for a living and I enjoy doing it. I also make videos of my experiences and the fun that I have while doing it. I give people advice on how they can go about making money taking photos for various different companies.

When you come to my channel, you’ll be able to take a closer look in observation of some different cameras as well as their unique features. I also like to show my viewers comparisons between different brands of cameras. I discuss the lens qualities as well and which lenses work best on certain cameras for certain types of photos. You will learn from my watching my channel that expensive models aren’t always necessarily the better than the cheaper ones.

We at Shutterbug are the center of inspiration when it comes to keeping our viewers well-informed and educated on the latest technology in cameras. You will be able to observe videos on our channel such as one that allows you to have a closer look at a camera being assembled from scratch in a warehouse, to videos that give you an explanation on why a certain camera model is one that you should consider buying.

I’m Chris, I have a few videos on my channel that explain various aspects of photography. For instance, I have one video discussing lighting adjustments that are made easy, and a basic photography video course for beginners. You can learn some neat techniques by watching what I have to offer on my channel. Watch, learn, and pay it forward to other fellow photographers.

I’m Ben and I am one of the many people who enjoy the art of 360 photography. When I started out with this type of photography the community was quite small, but it has grown a lot since then, and I’m looking forward to the future of it. I remember the first time I saw someone do this type of photography years before I became a pro at it. It was so different and unique that I just had to take the very last bit of money in my bank account to purchase a 360 camera. It’s a decision I don’t regret.

On our channel we do a lot of reviews where we take a first look of some of the models of cameras that will be readily available to the public soon. Some cameras are just tester models until the companies come out with a final product.

I do a lot of videos that show my watchers the difference between various adjustments in lighting when it comes to doing photoshoots out in the sun. I have a video in particular that shows the uniqueness of golden hour and night photos, which are absolutely stunning.  It’s important to know when to use the flash on your camera and to know tricks that won’t cause your photos to come out too dark or too bright. You want the right areas to be illuminated while other areas remain secondary.

I specialize in beauty photography, so I focus mostly on the face area. I inform my viewers on ways that they can improve their beauty photographs, and I also offer tips for beginner photographers. For those who see this type of photography as a career I give advice on how to attract clients for fashion photoshoots, and some of these companies pay really good money depending on your experience. Always have a portfolio on hand to grow your clientele.

I’m Greg Benz, and if you have the opportunity to view some of my videos on YouTube, you will find that I am fascinated with long exposure photography. I enjoy it a lot and everything about adjusting my camera to capture beautiful moments in pure perfection. I specialize mainly in adjusting my images for architecture purposes. If you are someone who is into architectural photography then you will most likely benefit from some of the times that I have to offer in my tutorials.

I am a photographer and I enjoy what I do! I do photoshoots and upload the videos with commentary explaining the cameras that I am using as well as the setting for each photo taken, because this is how my viewers learn how to get some of the same desirable results. I also have a couple of videos on my channel that explain to other up and coming photographers how to take photos during the night and also videos on how to take photos during the day.

So I make many videos and upload them to my channel. These videos are all interesting and they revolve around photography. If you are into animals, then you might be interested in my video that talks about how to properly do a bird photoshoot. In this video, I give you 5 tips. I also have a video based on a used camera challenge. I purchase a couple of used cameras to see if the cheaper price was worth the deal paid for it. Other videos are just based around tips that you can use during your photography sessions.

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