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7 Best Point and Shoot Cameras Under $300 in 2023

Point and Shoot Cameras are the go-to devices for photographers these days. Believe it or not, you can get performance levels close to a Mirrorless or a DSLR device from these babies.

That is if you put enough bucks into it. Close to $500 will get you a camera on par with a mini DSLR. Spend a mere $100, and you’ll get a beginner-friendly device.

If you’re like and want something which performs well and isn’t steeply-priced, do aim for the Best Point and Shoot Cameras under $300. These devices balance performance with price with equal measures. These are suited for mid-level photographers.

But there’s a problem. With so many brands and their products, it’s challenging to find the ideal one for a particular user. That’s where I come in! In this article, I’ll be listing some of the top-rated digital cameras in this price range. I’ve researched countless hours to find some of these items. I’ve even used a few.

You’ll have short reviews of mine explaining the benefits of these cameras. I’ll be discussing the factors which prompted me to select these babies as well. Without further ado, let’s dive into the piece.

TL;DR – Top 3 Point and Shoot Cameras Under $300


Canon Powershot SX720 (Red) + 12" Tripod + 16GB Memory Card + Pixi-Basic Accessory Bundle

Canon PowerShot SX720 HS

  • 20 Megapixels
  • 24-960 mm F3.3-6.9 Zoom Lens
  • 2.5 fps continuous shooting
  • Full HD video


Panasonic Lumix ZS50 Camera, Black

Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS50

  • 12 Megapixels
  • 24-720 mm F3.3-6.4 Zoom Lens
  • 10 fps continuous shooting
  • Full HD video


Canon PowerShot SX620 Digital Camera w/25x Optical Zoom - Wi-Fi & NFC Enabled (Black)

Canon PowerShot SX620 HS

  • 20 Megapixels
  • 25-625 mm F3.2-6.6 Zoom Lens
  • 5.9 fps continuous shooting
  • Full HD video

Finding mid-range digital cameras can be hard. Especially if you don’t have a head-start or some sort of a guide to help you out. Well, you’re in luck. I’m your guide and I’ll give you a head-start with this list of “Under $300 Point and Shoot Cameras.” Read these short reviews and pick the ideal product for your use.

1. Canon PowerShot SX720 HS

Canon Powershot SX720 (Red) + 12" Tripod + 16GB Memory Card + Pixi-Basic Accessory Bundle

The Canon PowerShot SX720 brings to the roster a whole new blend of power, performance, and quality. I am not exaggerating when I say that I am personally quite impressed with the quality of images that this camera offers.

The CMOS sensor that packs a whopping 20.3 megapixels will give you considerable performance when it comes to imaging. And this capacity is perfectly optimized along with the other hardware of the camera. You won’t have to feel insecure about whether the color and vividness of your photos, as they are guaranteed to satisfy both you and your peers.

High ISO capture with minimal noise is now made possible with the improved light-capturing design. Enjoy the nightlife and keep the memories with vibrant shots even when the light is not in your favor.

Plus, fast continuous shooting with autofocus is now made possible with the built-in high-performance processor. Even though the number of pixels may dwindle… with rapid shooting, you will be able to shoot images lightning fast without sacrificing focus and clarity.

As I discussed previously, the image processor is good. But, how good exactly?

As it turns out, the DIGIC 6 processor makes photography not only more exciting but a lot more efficient as well. Boosted quality in both videos and still captures are now within your grasp. The speed of your shooting will be amplified to quite some extent, 5.9 frames to be exact.

And the video quality enhancement reaches up to 1080p and in 60fps at that! Not to mention an autofocusing tool that makes focusing on your subject a total breeze. The videos you shoot can be highly compressed so that playback becomes easier in mobile devices and low spec devices.

Now let’s talk a bit about connectivity. The SX720 comes with NFC compatibility. File transferring and sharing with other devices will be as easy as pie. If your external device is incompatible with NFC, have no fear because this camera has Wi-Fi too!

Want a bit of long-distance off-hand shooting?

 You must be thinking is that even possible? I’m glad to let you know that it most certainly is! The Camera Connect application is very much capable of providing you complete control of the 40X optical zoom, flash. Self-timer and shutter features.

The 3.0 LCD screen allows a wide-angle view and has a resolution of approximately 922,000 dots that make tiny objects seem clear as well. This camera seems to have got it all and has impressed me in almost every way.

2. Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS50

Panasonic Lumix ZS50 Camera, Black

The LECIA lens of Panasonic has indeed caught my eye as it offers high capacity zoom along with superb clarity. It is one of the main features of DMC-ZS50. This lens allows the camera to optically zoom up to 30X without leaving out any of the detail and clarity.

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Low light environments are not an issue at all for the DMC-ZS50. It delivered stunning shots of my hometown even after sundown and never failed to impress. The deal gets even sweeter with the viewfinder feature which automatically adjusts the screen according to the motion of your eyes. An automated feature like this has always helped me when I was not ready to take photos manually.

The 100 percent color reproduction offers superb visibility that can easily overthrow the competition. I also got superb clarity even in low light conditions thanks to the sensor. The LCD screen has approximately 1.166 thousand dots that deliver premium visuals which in turn improves the entire photography experience.

Let’s look into how much control you actually have on your fingertips. The lens mounted control ring helped me change through preferred settings on the fly. Exposure, zoom, and focus control had never been easier for me. This allowed me to put my mind on the shutter operation instead of worrying about multiple things at once.

If you are a fan of burst shooting like me then you are in for a lot of fun. Super-fast autofocus is available with 10 fps speeds. This means however fast the subject is moving you can shoot perfectly focused photos each time. Not only images, but videos can be recorded with 100 fps in HD and 200 fps in VGA! Record easily with ultra-high speed and enjoy it all in the slow-motion later.

Composition freaks like me can enjoy the focus and depth of field features and tweak them accordingly with ease. So, if you want to dive deep into advanced photo shooting, this camera is just for you. You can control every minute detail of your photos easily if you know how to.

Super smooth high-resolution playback and macro shots are also available for you to enjoy the experience to the fullest. The hybrid O.I.S is there to stabilize images and reduce blur with perfection. Even premium options like time-lapse are at your disposal.

All these wonderful goodies make the DMC-ZS50 an excellent purchase all in all and it would most certainly be on the list of the best point and shoot camera under 300 USD I have used so far.

3. Canon PowerShot SX620 HS

Canon PowerShot SX620 Digital Camera w/25x Optical Zoom - Wi-Fi & NFC Enabled (Black)

I have been using the PowerShot SX620 HS for quite some time now and I would have to say that is a pocket-sized beast that exceeds expectations by a large margin. The first thing that makes this camera stand out is the sleek design and compact size. The SX620 is handy to use and carry anywhere you like.

The 20.2mp CMOS sensor is undeniably a fantastic performer that offers bright and vivid images without dimming down the color balance and overall quality. The Canon HS system is comprised of the DIGI 4+ image processor and a sensor that is capable of producing vibrant photos with reduced noise even in low light scenarios.

So, you can keep on shooting without worries in almost any condition.

I was not only able to take stunning shots with this camera but was able to record 30 fps videos in full HD.  The shooting can still up to a maximum of ISO 3200 which neutralizes low light difficulties.

I was somewhat surprised to see that shooting can be done up to 7.1 fps! I was simply amazed by the overall performance in general and guarantee that you will be as well.

We are all fans of high optical zoom capacities and theSX620 HS provides a maximum of 25xoptical zoom that is fully covering a wide-angle equivalent to super-telephoto 25-625 mm focal length range. So, you won’t fall short when you would like to see your subjects close at hand, and I mean really close!

Got shaky hands?

If so, then shake off all your worries as this camera has an impressive IS that maintains focus even when the target is mobile or the camera itself is not rock steady. So, you get super sharp photos even in adverse conditions.

With all of this in mind, the 3.0-inch 922k dot LCD screen so much more than what we would expect for a digital camera in this price range. But Canon has never failed to impress me with its devices before nevertheless.

The large screen helped me capture photos with precision and review my work later on with gorgeous detail.

The camera isn’t a weak contender even when it comes to wireless connectivity and control either. Sharing files with NFC and Wi-Fi is simply a breeze and not only that, you can control the camera from a distance with remote control features via smartphones or tablets.

4. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX350

Sony DSCWX350 18 MP Digital Camera (Black)

Superior performance with minimal size would be the best way to describe the Cyber-shot DSC-W350. Sony doesn’t mess around when they want to overthrow the competition with jaw-dropping features that wow the user in every sense.

I have become quite a fan of the CyberShot range of products and this one is one of my personal favorites.

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Tell me, did you always want to shoot a subject that is far beyond your reach?

Your wishes have not gone unheard. The 18.2 MP sensor is no small shot as it is combined with the overwhelming zoom capacity of 20x. Dual zoom options make it even better with 20X optical and 40X clear image zoom. Close up photography has never been easier for me with the help of these beautiful features.

The Exmor R CMOS sensor can perform flawlessly even where light has left your side. You can take stunning shots in low light environments without ruining the experience with an annoying flash. The superior light harnessing capability lets the dimly lit moments of your life shine like never before.

The digital zoom or “Clear Image” zoom of the DSC-WX350 does not compromise quality by delivering fuzzy images. Pixel combining is possible with the new powerful BIONZ X processor that connects adjacent pixels to deliver far clearer images. So you can fully utilize the 40X digital zoom without caring too much about image distortion.

Sony has upped its game in the field of image stabilization. The Optical SteadyShot with intelligent active mode1 can deliver unreal performance both in shooting pictures and recording videos in unstable conditions. I enjoyed sharp, blur-free photos even when I was unable to stand steady in harsh conditions. I could record smooth videos anywhere on the go!

Combining all these hardware efficiencies with the Superior G-lens lets the Cybershot DSC-WX350 ensure optimum image quality without question. You can watch the 1080p videos which you recorded with the 3-inch-high quality display that is large enough to identify every minute detail.

The camera weighs roughly two pounds so you can say goodbye to heavier alternate options. Portability is an issue that the camera excels in. I had no problems carrying the device with me in small pockets of my backpack.

This camera indeed has checked all the boxes when it comes to features that matter. An all-rounder digital camera like this indeed deserves a position in the top list of cameras within 300 dollars without a doubt. This one is worth looking into if you are planning to buy a new compact camera for yourself soon.

5. Canon PowerShot SX540 HS

Canon PowerShot SX540 HS with 50x Optical Zoom and Built-in Wi-Fi, Polaroid 32 GB U3 Memory Card, Tripod, Spare Battery, Camera Bag and Accessory Bundle

Here we go with yet another excellent camera from Canon. Let’s get into the Canon PowerShot SX540 HS that offers features that don’t fail to fascinate.

The best part about this camera is that it has taken the optical zoom to a whole new level. Up to 50X optical zoom to be exact. No matter how far your subject is you will be able to capture beautiful shots with clarity that wows.

Capturing long-distance scenes have become far easier with the new innovative “Lock” system that makes sure that the subject stays in the middle of the frame with sharp detail.

Like the rest of the praiseworthy Canon cameras, this one also uses the CMOS sensor that can detect objects even in low light situations. Which means you won’t be missing out on the night time ever again.

The 20,3 Megapixels sensor combined with the DIGI 6 image processor has impressed me multiple times over with its fantastic image quality and clarity alike. My photos never looked so vivid and lively. But such is to be expected from the canon HS system.

Even better framing can be achieved with the Face ID feature that helped me keep my friends and family in better frames of memory. Not only photos, but videos of similar quality can be captured with full HD resolutions.

I guess canon has gotten a bit on the heavy side with this powerful beast as it weighs roughly about 3.85 pounds and the dimensions are 4.7 x 3.2 x 3.6 inches. Despite the weight, the camera is indeed compact and quite portable compared to full-fledged DSLR cams.

Aside from the camera itself, I got a few additional goodies that really helped me out when it came to enriching my whole photography experience. A class 10 memory card with 32 GB storage can’t do you wrong as storage is a crucial fact for every photographer no matter of what kind.

Even though the device charges pretty fast I got a spare that came with the package and I know that it will be a lifesaver at some point. As for other accessories, I also got a 5-piece cleaning kit, a memory card wallet and also a few other gifts including Ritz Gear components.

An OTG, a card reader and 12-inch flexible tripod come with the package too. To be perfectly honest, the whole combo deal is far too sweet to ignore!

6. Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-WX220

Sony DSCWX220/B 18.2 MP Digital Camera with 2.7-Inch LCD (Black)

Sony has a lot of variables when it comes to multiple price ranges. Yes, you guessed it! We’re going to discuss yet another Sony camera. But this little camera comes with a much lower price point. Compact and classy, both these terms often go hand in hand when it comes to Sony cameras and it’s no exception in the Cyber-Shot DSC-WX220.

When cell phones are not enough to provide crisp details of low light environments, the Cyber-Shot DSC-WX220 comes to save the day. With a comparatively low price point, this little baby is in no way a less of a contender. The Exmor R CMOS sensor along with the G Lens is installed in this pocket-sized wonder to ensure high-resolution photos at higher speeds.

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The hardware of this camera is well balanced and pulls out the maximum output of the impressive 18.2megapixel capacity. The BIONZ X image processor allows fast shooting and video recording in 1080p. 10 fps speeds are rather impressive if you are into burst shooting. Fast photography for fast-paced people is delivered with precision and unquestionable quality.

Plus, video recording becomes a lot more fun especially when you consider that it comes with anti-motion blur and Hand-held twilight technology. So, if you are into some video capturing as well, you won’t fall short in any way.

The zoom capacity goes up to 10X optical and the advanced digital called the clear image zoom can reach up to 20X. Electronic zooms are often somewhat unreliable and disappointing. But such is not the case with the Clear image zoom as it connects adjacent pixels to decrease fuzziness and provide comparatively clearer images.

So, no matter how far you are from your subject don’t feel shy to take a closer look.

The competent image processor reduces noise and stabilizes the image. It is even efficient enough to let you use the advanced features like smooth video 1 and Optical steady shot. I never felt that this camera falls short when it came to actual hardware performance. To be perfectly honest, I was overwhelmed by how powerful this tiny camera is.

Wired HDMI connectivity, along with Wi-Fi and NFC support makes connectivity issues a thing of the past. You can easily connect to smart TVs, Phones and tablets. File sharing is faster with this device as it doesn’t require any unnecessary or unwanted hassle.

All these features and functionalities certainly put this camera within my top recommendation list of best point and shoot cameras under $300.

7. Canon PowerShot SX420 IS

Canon PowerShot SX420 Digital Camera w/ 42x Optical Zoom - Wi-Fi & NFC Enabled (Black)

Look at the world with a closer perspective! Because the SX420 can zoom up to 42X. And yes, I am talking about optical high-quality zoom that is enabled through the sophisticated yet efficient hardware that the camera has to offer. The 24mm wide-angle lens makes the scenario even more breathtaking while shooting landscapes or far away wildlife.

The device is built with the primary principle in mind and that is to satisfy the owner. And personally speaking, I am more than content with what Canon has provided within this price point. The DIGI 4+ processor along with the 20 Megapixel sensor makes an excellent combination that ensures top-notch quality that doesn’t fail to amaze.

Subject versatility is not an issue for the SX420 as it is equipped with the Smart Auto feature that ensures the most appropriate focus along with accurate camera settings. You don’t exactly have to be a pro photographer who knows about every specific setting of the camera. You can turn on the auto feature and shoot to your heart’s content without worrying about the small details.

I was not always in favorable environments when I was trying to capture some exotic scenarios. The Intelligent IS had got my back when my hands felt rather shaky and there was a possibility of motion blur or instability. Even when the subject was on the move the camera took precise shots and made the photo unexpectedly impressive.

Connectivity is a thing to be concerned with when you are going to purchase a new digital camera because the whole point of shooting is to be able to share priceless views and images with your friends and family. The NFC feature takes file sharing to a whole new level in both spheres of speed and smoothness.

Your buddy doesn’t have an NFC supported device?

 Have no fear as Canon has equipped this device with Wi-Fi as well so that you can constantly upload to other devices as well as the cloud system on the go! I was even able to print my photos to a "PictBridge supported" printer. I mean, how cool is that?

The 3-inch LCD screen with 230k dots won’t let you down either. I could check all my photos and videos instantly with the high-quality display and it felt just fantastic. The camera is also power-efficient, even more so with the ECO mode that dramatically enhances the battery life allowing you longer operation time.

The Final Verdict

Shooting photos with digital compact cameras

Phew! I’m glad you reached this far into the guide (assuming you read the whole thing)! Now that it’s over, my list should users an in-depth idea about the best point and shoot cameras under $300. All you have to do is pick one.

Not interested in these particular devices? No problem! Check the buying guide out. By following the tips that I mentioned, you will definitely not be disappointed. If you want to gather more information, it would be best to do some research.

Trust me, I had to go through a lot of both theory and practice to be where I am now and learning is a never-ending process. Be sure about what you want and that will be the ultimate guide. I hope you make an awesome purchase!

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