Everything You Need to Know About Point-And-Shoot Cameras

Point and shoot camera faqs

Point and shoot cameras or compact cameras are handy little tools to get you kickstarted with photography. This is even though you’re just a beginner trying things out or an experienced photographer on the move. They’re usually smaller in size, lighter than their SLR and DSLR counterparts, and usually come with fixed lenses. Point and shoot … Read more

How to Learn Filmmaking: A Detailed Guide

Learn filmmaking

“To make a film is easy; to make a good film is war; to make a very good film is a miracle,” said Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, the man who directed movies like The Revenant and The Birdman. As you can see, making a good film isn’t easy rather a miracle, and to perform a miracle … Read more

Lens Stabilization vs Camera Stabilization: The Everlasting Debate!

Lens Stabilization vs Camera Stabilization

Photography is an ever-progressing art. New ways are getting developed every day for doing the same old things. Maybe a day will come when the most advanced camera will just be a paper-thin device. Who can tell? That’s a discussion for another day. Today, let’s talk about something else. There’s an ongoing debate: lens stabilization vs … Read more

Can You Use DSLR Lenses on a Mirrorless Camera?

Can You Use a DSLR Lenses on a Mirrorless Camera

Mirrorless cameras have indeed captured the attention of the photography world. People are slowly switching to this new variant. Why wouldn’t they? After all, these cameras have opened a never-before-seen horizon which every one of us wants to reach. I’m not here to praise mirrorless cameras. I’m just telling you what I’ve been noticing around me. … Read more

Mounting Photos on Foam Board

Mounting Photos on Foam Board

The sweetness of photography does not just end where you take a picture. You will need to have the photos long after that time. For this reason, there is a need to have a proper way to display the photos if you want to share your memories. In whatever surface or room you prefer, there … Read more

Frameless Photo Mounting Ideas

Frameless Photo Mounting Ideas

Several people have been using frames to share their memories in their pictures. It is such a brilliant idea to have a picture of one of your best moments on the top of your table or the wall of your bedroom or living room or even kitchen! However, sometimes we find frames unsuitable and that … Read more

Common Types of Picture Framing You Should Know

Types of Picture Framing

A beautiful photo hung strategically on the wall can enrich a room’s look and elegance. Elegance can be emphasized when you use classy and stylish photo frames. Whether in an office or home, an attractive picture frame positioned well on the wall can add flair to the room’s decor and elegance. Homeowners looking to add … Read more

10 Best Camera Brands of 2021

Best Camera Brands

Are you thinking of buying a new camera? Perhaps your first one? Or do you already have a camera and a setup but are intending to upgrade? Whatever the reason may be behind buying a new camera, knowing about the brands is always a good way to start. Of course, the brand doesn’t determine everything, but … Read more

Canon Vs Nikon – Which Should You Buy?

Canon Vs Nikon Camera

When looking for a DSLR camera, you must’ve come across these two giants- Canon and Nikon. The two leading brands have been ruling the camera market for decades, and for good reason. They’re quite similar to each other in terms of quality, price, and performance.  Yes, there are some differences, both big and small. But not … Read more