10 Best Low Light Video Cameras of 2021 (Buying Guide)

Best Low Light Video Cameras

Cameras have surely come a long way. From the pin-hole design to being equipped with audio inputs, cameras have revolutionized entertainment. With newer versions of the DSLR, camcorders, and HD cameras hitting the market, there are limitless options to choose from. Yet a drawback exists, and that’s light conditions. Not every camera (HD or not) can … Read more

10 Best Budget 4K Cameras

Best Budget 4K Cameras

There used to be a time when 4K technology was new, rare, and very expensive. Nowadays,  things are quite different. Now a television, monitor, or camera isn’t complete without having 4K capability. And what’s more? You don’t even have to break the bank or empty your account to get it. Thanks to its increased availability, you’re … Read more

7 Best Cameras for Filmmaking on a Budget

 Filmmaking is generally seen as a capital-intensive endeavour. The reason for this is quite reasonable. To make a decent film, you have to get a whole lot of moving parts right. From the logistics to planning, execution, and, of course, the proper gear for the job. Thanks to the precedent set by huge movie companies with … Read more

10 Best Cameras for Kids and Toddlers

Best Cameras for Kids

But speaking from experience, you’ll likely soon find that once the time comes to make an actual decision, things start to get difficult. Why is it so hard to get the best cameras for kids then? After all, shouldn’t it be simpler since you don’t have to worry about getting sophisticated gear with state-of-the-art upgrades? Well … Read more

8 Best Cameras for Snorkeling

Best Cameras for Snorkeling

Special moments require special gear. Snorkeling is one of those moments. There are very few things in the world more exhilarating. What’s even more fun and memorable than the moment itself, are the people you share them with. Snorkeling is one of those fun things we tend to do on a special day with our … Read more

10 Best Cameras for Instagram

Best Cameras for Instagram

Let us tell you a story. Once upon a time, in a not-so-distant past—a simpler past—there used to be a time when you could simply wake up, and with a measly phone in bad light, take a photo, slap a few filters on it, and upload to Instagram with little to no thought at all … Read more

10 Best Highest Megapixel Cameras

Best Megapixel Cameras

Having the highest megapixels in a camera doesn’t necessarily amount to having better photos—but it sure as hell goes a long way. On the surface, the importance of having the best megapixel cameras is obvious enough. The higher the megapixels, the higher the resolution of your photos. High resolution usually means higher accuracy and sharpness, which, of … Read more

15 Best Low Light Cameras for the Money

Best Low Light Cameras

The driving force of photography is the ability to control light. Many photographers have successfully learnt this power and put it to great use. Many have cultivated a remarkable ability to work with even the lowest light to produce truly wonderful images. In the end, however, even the greatest photographers can be limited by their gear. … Read more

10 Best Cheap Cameras for YouTube

Best Cheap Cameras for YouTube

Allow us to let you in on a little secret. There is no secret, fail-proof guide to being a successful YouTuber. There is, however, something all successful YouTubers undeniably have in common—a good camera. So, whether you’re an aspiring YouTuber, an upcoming one, or at the very pinnacle of YouTube success, you can be sure you’ll … Read more

7 Best Canon Point-and-Shoot Cameras

Best Canon Point and Shoot Cameras

This may come as a shock to many legitimate camera lovers out there, but, seriously, some people just don’t prefer DSLRs and mirrorless cameras all that much. I mean, don’t get us wrong, these are great cameras and probably the best out there. But they also have their disadvantages that may lead people to desire, something … Read more