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How long can you record video on a DSLR

Questioning how long you can record video on a DSLR? It’s a great way to capture perfect moments! Before recording, you need to understand the camera’s limit.

In this article, I’ll explain what influences the video recording length, camera settings, and recording mediums, and what resolutions are best for longer timelines.

I’ll also mention accessories such as external batteries that could be useful for long-term projects. With this information, you can answer the question, and make sure your footage looks great!

Why Should You Record Videos on DSLR?

DSLRs capture top-notch footage with great depth & colors. Amateur & professional filmmakers rely on them.

DSLRs are user-friendly & have features such as night shooting, in-camera editing & wireless video transfer. Recording with a DSLR has a key advantage: long-duration filming.

Most mid-range DSLRs can film for two hours without any problems. If you need to film without interruption, higher-end cameras with bigger batteries are better.

The length of filming depends on the camera & other factors like temperature & battery capacity. But two hours of continuous video capture is normal for most mid-range DSLR models.

Video Recording Times

Are you a photographer or a videographer? If so, video recording time is an important factor to consider when buying a DSLR camera.

Here, I’ll explain the various elements that determine how many videos can be captured on a DSLR. Plus, learn about the limits of each camera. Let’s begin!

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Factors Affecting Recording Times

Multiple elements influence video recording times. These can include camera type, compression rate, frame rate, resolution, and the memory card size.

The camera type is a key factor. DSLRs capture high-quality images and videos with large file sizes, meaning shorter recording times.

Compression rate impacts recording times. A high compression rate stores more data in a smaller file size.

Frame rate is linked to this; higher frame rates create smoother footage but require more data storage space, limiting recorded time.

The resolution setting is also essential. High resolutions take up more data storage space, hence shorter recorded video times.

Optimize your camera resolution settings for long-term video recordings that don’t sacrifice quality.

Do this and you can maximize your DSLR’s video recording times, plus have enough storage space!

Recording Times for Different DSLRs

The video recording time you get depends on your exact DSLR. It also changes based on the type of memory card you use.

Generally, DSLRs have different formats with different recording times. Here’s a look at the most common:

Full HD (1080p): On most DSLRs, you can get up to 30 mins of continuous recording on one battery. But this varies based on the model and accessory.

4K (UHD): It varies by the camera system and memory card. Generally, you can get up to 20 mins of continuous 4K Ultra HD recording. But some models allow up to 30 mins at 2K and 4K resolutions when shooting at 24fps or 50fps (NTSC).

High-speed frames & slow motion: To avoid filling up your memory card quickly, shoot at lower resolutions. For example, Canon 1D X Mark IVs and Nikon D850 can get up to 5 mins of recording time at 1080p buffer rates (All-I).

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Tips for Maximizing Recording Times

If you need to squeeze the most recording time out of your DSLR, you are in luck! You just need to make some simple changes to your camera settings.

Whether it’s a short video or a long one, you can get the most out of every REC button press. Let’s get into the details.

Adjust Resolution and Frame Rate Settings

Maximizing recording times on DSLRs? Adjust resolution & frame rate settings! Resolution & frame rate settings range from 720p to 4K and 24 to 60 fps.

Higher resolution = more data captured, but also shorter recording time. Lower resolution & fps may look worse but will allow for longer recording time.

Consider what type of shots you are trying to capture. Fast-moving objects? A higher fps setting will give more frames per second, reducing motion blur and choppiness.

Landscapes with no movement? Lower settings for longer recording time, without losing detail from higher resolutions & fps rates.

Use an External Power Source

If you need longer recording time than your battery allows, there are options. You can use an external power source to extend the recording time.

This could be a battery grip, extra battery packs, or mains adapter. Check Amp and Wattage ratings to meet your camera’s requirements.

Then, you can film for hours and as far away as your storage capacity allows. Pay attention to battery storage levels and watch out for any overheating when using mains adapters.

External power sources give more flexibility and extend recording times and camera range.

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Use a High Capacity Memory Card

Maximizing recording times on DSLRs? Use a high-capacity memory card! They come in various sizes and types, so choose the one with the highest capacity for your camera.

Configure the camera’s settings for max bit rates and recording times too. Higher bit rates can mean shorter recording times.

Plus, use a quality memory card. It might help improve recording time. Some offer better write speeds.

This could lead to longer videos that don’t have pauses or interruptions when data transfer slows.


Testing DSLR cameras took some time. My conclusion? The time you can record video on a DSLR depends on the type of camera you have.

Things that affect length include camera model, resolution/frame rate, memory card size, and battery power. Important if you plan to shoot long videos with your DSLR. Consider these factors.

With smart filming habits, like short takes, time shouldn’t be an issue. Cameras are always getting better, so expect longer recording times and higher resolutions!

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