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How to charge DSLR camera when camping

Are you a passionate photographer? You understand the need of having a DSLR camera on your camping trip. But, like any tech, you must know how to charge it.

In this guide, I’m giving you tips to charge your DSLR while camping. Enjoy!

Why charging your DSLR camera is important

Charging your DSLR camera should be a top priority while camping. Recharging the battery is key to not miss any moments. A fully charged battery means more shooting and more memories of nature. You don’t want your camera to die at the best moment.

Charging DSLR cameras may seem scary, but it’s not. You need the right gear and knowledge. In this guide, I’ll explain why it’s important, what chargers are available and which one is best for camping.


Going camping with your DSLR? Make sure it’s fully charged! Don’t miss out on any of your journey because you have a dead battery.

Here are the best tips to charge your DSLR while camping:

Gather the necessary equipment

Before going camping, check you have all equipment for uninterrupted photography. Get a power source like a power bank or solar charger and cables for your DSLR camera. Get the details from the manual that came with the camera or one of the online major retailers or official website of the camera. Check both sources before selecting the cable as they often change based on model numbers and features.

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Now you are ready to go!

Choose the right type of battery

When selecting a battery type to charge your DSLR camera while camping, make sure it is suitable for your device and is compatible with both your camera and charger. To pick the correct one, read your camera’s user manual to know what type of batteries it needs.

For instance, some cameras use NiCd or NiMH batteries. Capacity is indicated in mAh. Bigger capacity batteries last longer than those with a lower capacity. If you can, get high-capacity rechargeable batteries for extended use. Don’t mix different types of rechargeable batteries in one collection. All cells in the charger should be the same type and brand. This will help them charge at the same rate and last longer.

Charging Methods

When it comes to camping with a DSLR camera, one of the most important things to consider is how to keep the camera charged. Here are various charging options for DSLR cameras while camping.

Charging with solar power

If you’re planning to camp in a sunny area, a solar charger can be an excellent option to charge your DSLR camera. However, it is crucial to choose the right one for your camera, as not all solar chargers are compatible with all cameras. Also, keep in mind that solar charging may take longer than traditional charging methods.

Charging with power banks

Another option is to use a portable power bank to charge your DSLR camera. When selecting a power bank, consider its capacity and compatibility with your camera. Also, keep in mind that a higher capacity power bank will allow for more charges, but will also be heavier to carry.

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Charging with a car chargers

If you’re going car camping, a car charger can be a convenient option to keep your camera charged. However, keep in mind that not all car chargers are compatible with all cameras, so be sure to check before purchasing.

Use a battery grip

Battery grips: Battery grips can be an excellent option to increase battery life while camping. When choosing a battery grip, consider its compatibility with your camera model and the number of batteries it can hold.

Tips for efficient charging when camping

Maximizing battery life: One of the best ways to ensure that your camera battery lasts as long as possible while camping is to conserve battery power. This can be done by turning off the camera when not in use, using the viewfinder instead of the LCD screen, and reducing the number of shots taken.

Charging during the day: If you’re using a solar charger or a portable power bank, be sure to charge it during the day when the sun is out or when you have access to a power source. This will ensure that you have enough power to last through the night.

Keeping equipment safe: Finally, it’s essential to protect your camera and charging devices from outdoor elements. Keep them in a protective case or bag to prevent damage from rain or other outdoor elements.

In conclusion, there are several options for charging your DSLR camera while camping, including solar chargers, portable power banks, car chargers, and battery grips. By choosing the right option and following these tips for efficient charging, you can ensure that your camera stays powered up and ready to capture those unforgettable camping moments.

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Safety Tips

Wanna charge your DSLR camera when camping? Take safety precautions!

Pay attention to the charger type, your connection and how you keep the charger when connected to power.

Here are tips on how to charge your DSLR camera safely when camping.

Don’t leave your camera unattended

When camping with a DSLR camera, it’s essential to never leave it unsupervised. Keep it on you or in a secure place, like when taking landscape shots. You must also make sure it’s away from animals and children to prevent damage.

Backup all photos taken while camping to prevent data loss. Use an external backup device like a thumb drive or external hard drive. Check your memory card for any physical damage like scratches or dirt. Before deleting photos from the digital storage medium, back them up on your computer. This will keep them safe.

Don’t leave your charger plugged in

Camping can be risky for your camera battery. It’s essential to unplug the charger when not in use. This prevents accidental discharge, which will reduce battery life. A clamp-type charger is ideal as it’s easy to plug and unplug.

Monitor your device for energy wastage like discharging when off. If you plan to take lots of photos and videos, buy a remote cable release. This allows you to charge while shooting.


My DSLR camera needed charging while camping. I tried many methods. But the most practical and efficient way was to bring a power bank. They are easy to use and are now a popular charging source for campers and travelers.

Finally, here are a few tips to help you charge your DSLR camera while camping. Connect your camera with batteries to increase your shooting range. Use powered USB hubs, solar chargers, and power banks to supplement the charging process. Bring extra battery packs with you.

And, rely on supplemental lighting to get good photos – natural light outdoors can be unreliable. Follow these tips, and you should be able to capture all those magical moments!

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