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How to clean the outside of a DSLR camera

Hi, friends! If you love taking photos with your DSLR camera, you know how dirt and dust can build up on it.

Keeping your camera clean on the outside helps it last longer and look great. I’m here to share easy steps for cleaning the outside of your DSLR camera. Let’s make that camera shine!

Overview of the cleaning process

Cleaning your DSLR camera’s outside is key for maintenance. It can protect it from dust and moisture, preserving it for longer. Here’s how to clean the outside of your DSLR camera correctly.

First, check the surface. Is it matte, textured, shiny plastic or latex? Each one needs to be cleaned differently. For instance, latex surfaces must not be cleaned with alcohol or alcohol-based solutions, as they can damage them. Use a mild soap with water and a soft brush or cloth instead.

Second, identify the dirt that needs to be removed – smudges, scratches or oxidation? Select the right cleaning solution based on what kind of dirt needs cleaning. Follow the instructions that come with the product carefully. Use a soft, lint-free cloth (like microfiber) to clean without causing damage.

Lastly, wipe in small circles until all dirt is gone. Don’t apply too much pressure. Buff it dry with a cotton cloth. Then store it away.

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Ready to clean your DSLR camera? Get these items first: a microfiber cloth, lens cleaning solution or rubbing alcohol, cotton swabs, and a soft-bristled brush or large soft brush.

With these supplies, you can clean your camera safely and effectively.

Microfiber cloth

A microfiber cloth is an awesome choice for cleaning your DSLR camera. It gently removes dirt and smudges from the body and viewfinder, along with the LCD screen. Keep one in your camera bag for easy access.

When wiping the surface, only use light pressure. Foaming solutions and wet cloths can cause damage or residue. Avoid cleaners with acetone, ammonia or alcohol as they can harm your camera.


A blower is a must-have in your camera cleaning kit. I always use mine when I’m doing a DSLR camera exterior clean. It should be the first step. Its purpose: to get rid of particles and dust off the surface before wiping it down.

To use it, place the tip almost directly onto the area you want to clean. Not quite directly, though. Blowing air around the particles won’t help, but get rid of them completely. The air stream should be powerful enough to blow away dirt, yet gentle enough not to damage sensitive areas.

For maximum performance, brush the nozzle frequently. That way, it’ll stay effective for many years.

Lens cleaning solution

Cleaning the outside of your DSLR camera? Essential: get a lens cleaning solution specifically made for optical lenses. Some chemicals in general-purpose solutions can damage optics.

Purchase special kits, lens cleaning solution plus cleaning cloth. No paper products like tissue or paper towels – can cause permanent damage.

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When applying the solution to the cloth, start with a small amount, lightly circle. Too much pressure and liquid increase risk of scratching. Anything stubborn? Extra soft brush gently remove – no metal implements!

Afterwards, compressed air to blow away dust particles. Don’t point directly at electrical components inside.

These tips for choosing supplies for deep-cleaning your DSLR exterior – stunning photography results guaranteed!

Cotton swabs

Cotton swabs are ideal for cleaning the exterior of your DSLR camera. Dip a swab in rubbing alcohol and wipe down the body. Focus on buttons, knobs, and other external features. Clean each piece carefully and lightly.

Once done with alcohol, use a fresh swab and lens cleaning solution to clean every corner of the camera’s exterior. Let it dry. Then your camera will sparkle with minimal effort!

Steps to Clean the Camera

Photographers don’t want dirty lenses or scratched cameras! Keeping your camera clean is a must. Here’s a guide on how to do it right.

Follow these steps and you’ll have a camera like new! Cleanliness is key to ensure your camera stays in perfect condition.

Remove dust with a blower

Before cleaning, dust must be removed from the camera body and lens. A blower is best. Don’t use breath. Use compressed air or a blower bulb. Gloves are a must. Don’t block any openings – like battery or memory card slots.

For large pieces of debris, use a brush first before the blower. Small twigs and lint should be removed.

Clean the lens with a microfiber cloth

To begin cleaning, use a microfiber cloth. This cloth won’t scratch and absorbs dust particles without residue. Fold it in half, then rub it over both sides of the lens. Always move from the center outwards and don’t press too hard.

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Then, brush the surface in circular motions. After one side is done, turn the lens over and repeat. Microfiber cloths can be washed and reused!

Apply lens cleaning solution to a cotton swab

Grab a cotton swab. Put 1 drop of lens cleaner and 1 drop of water on it. Wipe the swab tip on a paper towel. Remove extra liquid.

Clean your camera. Don’t use too much liquid or press hard. Use light circles. Pay attention to buttons and switches. If your camera is really dirty, use several swabs.

Clean the camera body with a microfiber cloth

The camera body is key to its long life. Dust, moisture, and oils can easily damage its finish. So, it needs regular cleaning to keep it shiny!

A soft microfiber cloth is best to clean the outside of your DSLR camera. Don’t use paper or fabric as they may scratch the surface. Gently wipe the body in long strokes, being cautious around protruding buttons and dials.

If dirt won’t come off with a cloth, try a screen cleaner for delicate surfaces. But, test it on an area first. Don’t spray directly onto the camera. Dab at areas with a soft cloth until dirt is gone. Finally, fold up and store the cloth for future use.


Well, there you have it! Cleaning the outside of your DSLR camera is simple and helps keep it looking good. By following these steps, your camera will be free of dust and dirt. Now you’re all set to enjoy taking more amazing photos. Happy shooting, friends!

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