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How to delete pictures from your DSLR camera

Welcome to this tutorial!

If you’re like me, you’ll have heaps of great shots. But what do you do with all the extras? I’m here to show you the simplest way to delete photos from your DSLR camera. Doesn’t matter if it’s entry-level or a mirrorless one – the steps are the same. Let’s get started!

Steps to Delete Pictures from Your DSLR Camera

Photographers: listen up! It’s vital that only the best pics stay on your DSLR camera. So let’s get to the point!

Here’s a quick guide on how to delete pics from your DSLR camera. Follow these steps:

Connect your camera to your computer

Connect your DSLR camera to your computer. It depends on the type of camera and available connections. Some cameras have USB input for memory cards, allowing you to connect directly.

Another option is to use a USB cable from your camera to a port on your computer. If there’s no USB connector, you’ll need an extra device like a memory card reader with a USB connection.

Open the folder on your computer where the photos are stored. Select the ones you want to delete.

Format the memory card

Turn on your camera and press the Menu button. Go to the Settings menu. Select Format. Follow the instructions. Confirm you want to proceed.

All pics on your memory card will be erased forever! Formatting your memory card regularly will help ensure optimal performance and avoid problems.

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Erase the pictures from the camera

Erasing photos from your DSLR is easy! Your camera’s make and model may have different methods, but these steps should help universally.

Turn the power switch to ‘on’.

Press ‘playback mode’, either near the viewfinder or on the back. This takes you to the “image review” mode, where all taken photos are on the LCD screen.

Scroll through images with a dial selector. To remove an unwanted photo, press the ‘Delete’ button and you will see “Confirm Erase?”

Select ‘Yes’ if you want to erase it, ‘No’ if you want to keep it. Do this until all unwanted photos are gone.

Finally, turn off the DSLR by shifting the power switch back.


Got the know-how to delete photos on your DSLR? Get ready to take the pics you really want! Don’t let storage space run out. Review each picture before deleting it. Digital camera users, don’t accidentally erase something important.

Following these steps, deleting DSLR photos should be a cinch. Now snap those amazing shots with complete freedom!

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