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How to eliminate camera shutter sound on DSLR

Are you a photographer? You know that the sound of shutter clicking when taking a photo can be disturbing; especially in places like museums, galleries or any other place that requires silence.

Fortunately, there’s a way to reduce or eliminate the shutter noise in your DSLR with some simple steps.

The first step is to turn on the silent mode feature in the camera menu. Depending on your camera and lens model, there are different ways to activate the feature. Many DSLRs have the ability to mute the shutter sound during shooting. On Canon cameras, you can go to the “Sound Settings” in the Camera Menu and adjust the setting until the shutter noise is reduced or turned off.

Second option is to use an external remote control. These devices send an infrared signal to certain wide-angle lenses (some even have Bluetooth connectivity). This way, you can press the shutter button without pressing it down physically on the body of your DSLR, hence eliminating any sound.

Third option is using electronic viewfinder shutters. This way, you can take pictures without pressing any physical buttons on your camera body. This solution requires additional hardware, but it’s worth considering if you want to keep noisy intrusions away from observers who may be around.

Reasons for Camera Shutter Sound

The “click” of a camera shutter is a sound we all know. It tells us a photo’s been taken, but can be annoying. There are multiple reasons for the sound, but one of the main ones is to comply with laws.

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These laws require the camera to make a noise alerting the public to photography. This article talks about why cameras make the sound and how to stop it.

The Need for Obscuring the Sound

Photogs need to keep their process quiet. The shutter sound can be disruptive and intrusive. In some countries, it’s even illegal. So, being aware of local laws is key. You can disable the sound depending on the model.

There are times when you want to capture the perfect moment without being noticed. Street photography and wedding ceremonies require photographers to remain unseen. Taking portraits could get awkward for those not used to it.

So, learning how to reduce shutter sound is ideal. That way, you can capture without too much attention.

Ways to Eliminate Camera Shutter Sound

Searching for ways to take pics without the loud shutter sound of your DSLR? Look no further! Here are a few solutions. Professional or hobbyist, these tips will help you take soundless shots. Let’s begin.

Silence your DSLR camera’s shutter noise with these methods.

Using a Silent Shutter Mode

DSLR cameras come with Silent Shutter mode! This mode records the picture without using the mechanical shutter. So, no noise! However, it is not available in all cameras. Canon models such as 6D, 5D MK III, 7D, 70D, 1200D and their Rebel series have it. For Nikon, models like D800e, D5000 and the flagship full-frame model D5 have it too.

Silent Shutter mode helps to minimize camera shake and provide sharper images when a tripod is unavailable. It also has many advantages for shooting video – less jittering from the click sound of the shutter button and smoother transitions between scenes.

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Use an External Microphone

Using an external mic is a great way to get rid of the shutter sound from a DSLR. You can pair it with either a wireless or wired mic for better audio. A wireless lavalier mic is best for recording from multiple distances. Or you can use a wired shotgun mic for accurate, directional sound without camera noise.

Make sure to set the input level correctly and keep the mic close enough to get clear sound. Test out different environments to make sure this method eliminates the shutter sound before shooting important scenes.

Use a Remote Shutter Release

A remote shutter release device can be used to eliminate the loud shutter sound of your DSLR. It lets you press the shutter without physically touching it. For those who want to take pictures without sound or disturbance, this is great.

Some cameras have built-in or accessory ports. You can plug a compatible remote into these. For others, an adapter is needed, which plugs into the USB port. Pressing the button on the remote fires off shots, with no loud noise.

Remote controls come in different forms. Wireless ones let you operate them from 16 feet away. Some feature timed autofocus, great for taking photos in busy situations. Variable exposure times and intervals are offered by some remotes, for creative possibilities e.g. star trails and lightning storms. Mini LCD panels show feedback on settings, like exposure time and battery status.

Using a remote shutter release is the best way to eliminate camera shutter sound. It helps make sure pictures look amazing, as well as giving features to enhance and expand your photography experience.

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Use an External Sound-Proof Box

An external sound-proof box is one way to eliminate the sound of the camera shutter. Put the camera in the box. Inside, there is foam and air vents. This mutes all sounds from the camera. It’s great for quiet environments.

If you don’t have a box, try putting a heavy coat or blanket over the camera body. This might not work completely, but it may reduce the noise enough to make it unnoticeable.

Some cameras have a mode called live view. This lets you see images without the mechanical shutter. However, this could affect image quality. Check before using it.

Finally, there may be software solutions to reduce shutter sound. Check your model before using it!


To finish off, the basic way to muffle your DSLR camera’s shutter sound is to flick on its silent mode. This will cut down the lens shake that leads to shutter sounds and noise. Plus, if you’d like to minimize any potential of audible shutter sounds, cover your lens with a piece of cloth before you press the shutter button. This will stop more light from entering the camera’s sensor and assist you in getting smoother shots with less noise.

By taking advantage of these tips, you can take charge of when and where your shots will be heard or viewed without panicking about an irritating clicking noise. We hope this guide has been beneficial in teaching you how to eliminate camera shutter sound on a DSLR!

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