Low light Photography Tips

Capture great photos in low light

Want to have fun while shooting in a low light environment? Read on to find the best way to shoot in low light. You might be facing difficulties with the basics of low light photography. This particular scenario has its challenges, but a few basic and new techniques can help you get through this challenge smoothly. The … Read more

How to Take Photos Without Blur

Avoid blur photo

Unwanted blur can mess-up a photograph to the extent that it is completely unusable. When I first started advanced photography, I had a hard time adjusting to anti-blur techniques. Most of the time, my pictures would come out blurry because the camera felt too heavy in my hands after a while. I tried wrapping the straps … Read more

Photography 101: Noise Control

What is noise

Is noise making your photographs better or worse? Noise can be a tricky aspect of photography, and there are still many photographers who have a difficult time understanding the different factors that make a photograph noisy. For the best picture quality, the composition has to be perfect. This requires proper camera settings based on the subject … Read more

What Makes a Good Photo for the Target Audience

What Makes a Good Photo

Do you think that the right color composition and proper lighting makes a good photo? Maybe. A well-composed capture is undoubtedly an attractive photo and pleasurable to look at. It takes practice and perseverance to learn the technicalities of setting up aperture, adjusting shutter speeds, and using manual focus on a DSLR, most of which … Read more

Bokeh from Point and Shoot Cameras

Bokeh from Point and Shoot Cameras

Have you ever wanted to shoot photos with a blurry background having that dreamy bokeh quality? They’re the ones captured with those expensive DSLRs and lens attachments, probably costing several hundred dollars or more. It would be a bummer if all you have is a little digital point and shoot camera you carry with you in … Read more

What is Bokeh and How It Affects Your Images

What is Bokeh

“Bokeh” is the English spelling for the Japanese word that, when translated, literally means “blur” or “haze.” The word was introduced in an article on the magazine Photo Techniques back in 1997. Eventually, it became popular in the vernacular of photography. Previously, there wasn’t a term to describe the visually appealing aesthetic quality of soft areas … Read more

Prime vs. Zoom Lens – A Guide for Beginners

Prime vs. Zoom Lens

When looking at some professional photographers’ fantastic work, beginners often wonder how they achieved those spectacular shots. More often than not, the answer lies in the lens used. But what lens should you pick? There are endless debates in the photography community on Canon vs. Nikon, film vs. digital, RAW vs. JPEG, to name a few. That’s … Read more

How to Hold a Camera to Remove Camera Shake

How to Hold a Camera to Remove Camera Shake

You can’t take sharp photos without knowing how to hold a camera properly in your hands. The main culprit is camera shake. It’s one of the most frustrating and annoying issues photographers –beginners and advanced alike – have to deal with while taking shots. When taking a picture, one has to keep the camera as steady as … Read more

20 Photography Tips for Beginners

Photography Tips for Beginners

In my personal journey in photography, I’ve come across and learned several useful tips along the way. I always made it a habit to jot them all down in a notebook so I wouldn’t forget them. I’m glad I did because later, I would read them to remind me of what works best in particular situations. … Read more

Getting the Best Results with Focus

Focus in photography

Focus is as essential in photography as it is in life. Focus lends sharpness to your pictures. If you fail to pay attention to focus, you end up with blurred pictures. It’s important to understand the basics of focus in photography to start right and avoid falling into bad photographic habits.Let’s Start with Some SpecificsYou … Read more