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Moza Slypod Review – The New Way To Shoot Your Videos?

When it comes to effective videography or photo shooting, we all come across the need for stability and accurate control over our devices. It can really be disappointing if we can’t get the output we want just because of positioning and timely movement.

If you are on the same boat, then you might just find this Moza Slypod review rather intriguing. This unique product opens the door to a world of possibilities and beyond. Not only regular videographers but cinematic enthusiasts can bring big-time benefits from using this properly.

Let’s talk about the brand new Slypod, starting from the features to everything that it promises to offer and what it is capable of.

First Impressions of Mine

Well, the device is more than a compilation of various tubes and motors, it’s a compilation of a few amazing innovative ideas that make both photography and video capturing a lot more interesting.

Moza Slypod

To be perfectly honest, it is indeed worth considering to be a next-generation professional gear. The Slypod, as the name suggests, can be used as a slider or a sturdy monopod. Plus, it offers a two in one camera mount. Since the slider is motorized, it can be operated in various ways with pinpoint accuracy.

Moza Slypod

This gear is designed to take cinematography to a whole new level and at the same make production, a lot easier while letting the machine do multitasking for you.

Build Quality and Materials

The Moza Slypod is built for hardcore users who push the limits of productivity and leap into adventures that require tough resistance against the forces of nature. We all have lost or damaged our products before due to unfavorable and harsh external conditions either one way or the other. Well, not again!

The Slypod is designed to be weatherproof and it can withstand adverse conditions as well. Wind, sand and dust resistant material has been used to design and construct this sturdy little masterpiece. The internal machinery will remain unharmed as it is crafted with protective materials.

Not to mention, as large as it seems, it is quite portable, and you can carry it around in a medium-sized backpack. Fully collapsed, this thing only measures 21 inches. And hence, it is mostly made of carbon fiber; it weighs just around 1.7 pounds.

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How did it Work for Me?

The Slypod can telescope out a maximum of 11 inches and it can do so on various assignable settings. I found that out firsthand. The gear can move with super silence, steadiness and with precision worth praising due to the motor that is installed with the slider.

While in the horizontal mode, it can support up to 9 pounds of weight with ease, even if you attach a gimbal with the camera. Yes, you guessed it! Even the action cams and cine cams are at your disposal if you want both the cameras to shoot at the same time or simultaneously according to your needs.

It can handle and accurately operate at 0.15 mm per second ultra-slow travel speeds with the help of the motor, which can increase up to 1.1 inches per second.

While using it as a monopod or while using it vertically, it can take load up to 20 pounds.

Mounting Options You Will Have with the Device

Whether you’re using a monopod or a tripod, your first concern should be, the mounting variants and functionalities. Since this can function on both parameters, you will get a lot more than your typical gears.

The Moza Slypod has an integrated mounting plate with 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 mounting threads that enable you to attach it to a tripod while operating on slider mode.

You might find the necessity to attach it with a monopod, tabletop tripod or other monopod gears. The Slypod has got you covered as it has a 1/4"-20 threaded hole on the bottom to suit your needs.

Needless to say, that people can easily attach it with gimbals for additional pan and tilt functionalities because you get quick-release pan and tilt accessories along with the product itself.

There’s also a small tripod included in the package to suit your monopod needs. All in all, the mounting features of the Moza Slypod is by far more diverse and highly versatile when it comes to compatibility as well.

How Good is the Battery Support?

Since this thing has a motor inside, you might have some curiosity regarding the electrical functions, right? And your interest is justified as long-term production requires good battery support. And this is well provided as well!

People will be getting a two hours’ battery support from the built-in battery that can be charged via a USB port. And you can do it during operation to avoid any disturbances on the verge of continuous use. Plus, you can keep charging it with a power bank attached. So, basically, you won’t ever run out of power!

There is an illuminated ring at the bottom, which lets you see the battery status of the Slypod through various colors that change accordingly.

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Variable Control Features Convey the Message

We have motors, sliders, awesome mounting options, and versatility… but how do we control all these features? Even the control features of the Moza Slypod has multiple ways to go by.

Onboard functions are obviously there if you like to go hands-on and manual with your work. And for those who like to operate their devices from a distance, you also get a remote controller that will help you adjust the settings as well as input commands that go with your filming needs.

The acceleration speed of the motor can be increased or decreased by holding on to the “+/-“ button for long periods. These buttons are on the handle as well as the remote controller.

Now, let’s make things a bit more interesting. People can actually go smart with this device via your smartphone with an app. This means you’ll be able to control everything with just a tap on your screen!

This Thing is Known for Noise Reduction as Well

Many of the users might be concerned about the noise that can be produced when the slider is active. Nothing is worth investing in if it disrupts the audio quality of your production.

Have no fear as the Moza Slypod has been tested in various sound environments and it is proven to be virtually silent. There is no noticeable sound that has the potential to cause problems whatsoever. So, users can just go ahead and slide away.

Now, sound vibration is an entirely different story. Yes, the manufacturers know that as well. They don’t recommend you to mount your microphone on your moving camera. Sound vibration can easily be picked up by high-end microphones. To avoid this issue the microphone can simply be placed elsewhere.

This device is almost close to perfection. But some laws of basic physics prevent it from being absolutely flawless. But it is a magnificently innovative product nevertheless.

Smooth and Sturdy Mechanics will Surely Impress

The mobile app for the Moza Slypod is simply amazing as it offers smooth and steady controls for time-lapse video capturing and more! Just make sure the Slypod is connected through shutter cables with the cameras. This enables the apps to take full advantage of all the connected devices.

The segmentation mode allows you to start a time-lapse, move a bit then move again after a while as well. So, no need to worry if you want it to perform in a versatile manner. The longest time is not limited to a full move as the set move length controls it. Picture and frame numbers.

You will be glad to know that the Moza App is used to control the Moza Gimbals along with the Moza Slypod. Unlock all possibilities of video capturing with some simple configurations that you can do without breaking a sweat.

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A Strong Motor is the Key Here

When we think of motors in sliders, we usually don’t think of something too powerful. Don’t take this “Slypod” the same way. Otherwise, you are in for a surprise!

This one went the distance of gearing up to high power density motor which is capable of producing a torque of 1N/m. This means that Moza is actually strong enough to work with 18 kg of maximum payload. Are you impressed yet? If not, hold on to your seats because still, we have more in the bag.

Offering an acceleration of 0 to 10,000 rpm that takes only 15 microseconds or 1/1000000 seconds is rather impressive. Normal brushless motors simply don’t go this far. All this power is kept in balance with a precision motion control algorithm.

These factors allow the Slypod to control the camera movement super smoothly when high precision is the demand. This device leaves no stone unturned when it comes to power performance capabilities.

The Grip While Using Moza is Something to Boast About

It just doesn’t have to be a cinematic device in particular when you are using anything that requires tactile control. Your comfort needs to be assured. And from all the Moza Slypod Reviews you might have seen online, you are probably assured and impressed by its user-friendly mechanics and grip.

Speaking of grip, users will be glad to know that the Slypod handle is crafted from wood. This relieves a lot of pressure on your palm and lets you rotate it and set it up easily without any sort of discomfort. And since it is made of wood, the longer you use it, the more comfortable the texture will become!

Its ultra-lightweight makes it far easier to carry along wherever you might want to go. So yes, all comfort issues are already in the bag.

The Moza Ecosystem Can Be Helpful

The CAN bus installed with the device will allow it to be connected with multiple Moza devices as well. Future Firmware updates will ensure connectivity with Moza Air, Moza Aircross 2 and iFocus products. This will enable further customization when it comes to the multi-axis camera movement.

Talk about far-reaching possibilities! Creators can think beyond limitations as boundaries are meant to be broken when multiple devices work together to create something marvelous.

A Few Final Words

As far as Moza Slypod reviews go, I bet you will find very few cons about this product. People are not into this product as of yet.

But let me tell you, it doesn’t fail to amaze in any dimension or direction. A full-fledged package of efficient features that prove useful in every field they promise. If you want to increase your field of expertise, the Slypod will definitely prove to be a worthy ally.

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