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Why does my DSLR camera stop recording video automatically

Hey, I’m Prayas Chakma and I’m a passionate photographer! Today we’re taking a look at why your DSLR camera can stop recording video.

We all know cameras are great for capturing memories. But, sometimes our cameras don’t always behave how we want them to.

There are two main reasons why your DSLR might suddenly not record video. It could be because it has reached its limit or an issue with the memory card.

In this article, I’m going to explain what to do if either of these issues happens and give you some tips to avoid similar issues in the future. Let’s get started!

Reasons why DSLR cameras stop recording video automatically

Got a DSLR camera for photography? Noticed it randomly stops recording videos? It’s difficult to get why. Here are some potential causes and how to fix them.

Your DSLR camera may be cutting off your recording. Common reasons why? Check out this article. We’ll explain and help you fix it.

Memory Card Issues

Your DSLR stopping video recording could be due to memory card issues. Memory cards have a limit on how many files can be stored. High-resolution videos take up lots of space, so your camera may not be able to record anything further.

Ensure that the memory card is compatible and reliable. Disconnecting the memory card while in use could also stop the video recording. Generally, consider that the problem is with the memory card.

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To fix this, buy a new, high-quality memory card for your DSLR camera.

Battery Issues

Battery issues are the top reason DSLR cameras stop video recording. Most DSLR cameras warn when power is low. However, some cameras do not.

If the battery level is critically low, video recording will stop or the camera enters standby mode.

To be sure batteries are charged, invest in quality batteries and have spares handy. Before starting long video recordings, make sure the battery isn’t running low.

Overheating Issues

DSLRs and mirrorless cameras are very popular with amateurs and pros. But, you can have issues when shooting videos. One issue is the camera may shut off after a while. This can be very annoying if you were expecting to capture something great that was cut short.

To avoid your camera from shutting off when shooting videos, you must know why it’s happening. It’s usually caused by overheating.

DSLRs/mirrorless cameras usually don’t have good cooling systems, so they will shut off when you record at high frame rates or resolutions for too long.

Higher-end models with better cooling systems will last longer. So, if you plan on recording longer videos, invest in one of these models.

Firmware Issues

Firmware issues can be a cause of your DSLR camera stopping recording video. Firmware is the software that controls your camera’s features and options. If an update or glitch occurs, it can cause your camera to stop recording video.

To prevent this from happening again, keep your camera’s firmware up-to-date. Read about updates for your specific model of camera. If an old version of firmware is released, it could be causing the issue. In most cases, you can download the new version from the manufacturer’s website.

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If updating the firmware doesn’t work, it could be a combination of hardware and software faults or environmental factors like temperature changes or vibrations near your camera. In this case, get a maintenance technician to help.

How to Fix the Problem

Have you observed your DSLR camera halting video recording, though you haven’t tapped on the stop button? You could be vexed! But don’t worry. You are not the only one.

Here I’ll tell you why this occurs and how you can get rid of it.

Formatting the Memory Card

Formatting your memory card can be forgotten, but it’s an important cause for your camera stopping early.

Format it to make sure it’s error-free. Depending on your camera, you’ll find this in the menu or settings. If you need a special tool, follow the instructions for your camera type.

Restart your device and try recording smaller clips. If this doesn’t work, consult your camera manual or contact customer support for help.

Replacing the Battery

The battery of a DSLR camera may need to be replaced if it stops recording video. After basic fixes such as cleaning the contacts and checking for damage, replacing it could be the solution.

To do this:

  1. Power down the camera and take out the SD card.
  2. Gently press one side of the battery, as per the manual.
  3. After releasing the latch, replace the battery.
  4. Buy one designed for your model to avoid damage.
  5. Push until you hear a click.
  6. Turn on the camera.

Replacing a faulty or outdated battery can fix stop-recording video problems.

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Letting the Camera Cool Down

High temps caused by long-term use can cause your camera to shut down. To prevent this, let your DSLR camera cool down before continuing.

Usually, turning off the camera and letting it rest for a few minutes helps. Allow the camera to cool completely so it can capture video without malfunctioning. Using lens attachments or filters in warm climates can also cause overheating.

If the camera still shuts down prematurely, contact a tech who can take a closer look. With their help, you can have your camera running again quickly!

Updating the Firmware

Updating the firmware of my DSLR camera could be the way to go to fix my video recording issue. Firmware is software that can be installed to make my camera better.

Firmware updates come out every so often. They often give new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

The manufacturer’s website often has instructions on how to update the firmware, so it’s best to check there for any updates and follow their directions.

Some cameras also have auto-update options that let you know when a new version of the firmware is out.

Keep in mind that the updated settings may take some time to take effect.


Talking to those with camera knowledge, it seems that the auto-stop can happen for many reasons. Outdated firmware, insufficient memory card space or speed, overheating, wrong video format settings, and recording time limit can all be culprits.

To avoid this issue, it is best to update firmware regularly, use memory cards with fast speeds and enough space, and keep your camera in a well-ventilated place.

Also, check your video format settings, and possibly increase the recording time limit for longer recordings. All of these steps should help you record smooth videos with no auto-stop.

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