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Camera Used in Hollywood Movies

For a long, long time, the world has been enjoying a great deal of quality attached to professional sounds and pictures that Hollywood brings forth. It's no doubt that there are powerful machines behind high-quality videos. It dates back to the film camera age. The outstanding development over the years counts in every sense of improvement.

How about we get a little curious and explore the various types of camera used in Hollywood movies. In doing this we are going to find out the many types of cameras that have been put to use by Hollywood to provide us with an interesting series of different actions captured on video over many years. This brings us to our major discussion today.

Now let's see what we can find out about these awesome Hollywood cameras and what features each of them presents.

Film Cameras

When talking about types of camera used in Hollywood movies, we ought to consider a little of the past. By this, I actually mean that we are going to explore the features of the different film cameras that have been used to shoot Hollywood movies.


IMAX presents a variety of film cameras but my focus today is on the MSM 9802 which boats a number of old age technologies that are about 120years old. The camera weighs slightly above 220lbs and is used to record a 70mm film. Unlike the other 35 mm record capacity, of the other cameras, duplication of the content produced by this film is quite a task.

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However, it was one very powerful machine that was used and is still being used in some Hollywood movies. Relevant to the times, digital approaches of this camera's work have been embraced since many digital players and movie developers lack equipment that matches the 70mm film players.

However, we are to accept that the video quality is still undisputed not even by the giant digital ones.


Some people tend to think that without the analogue pieces cannot be retrieved unless the analogue cameras are available. To that effect, the CANON CAMERA EOS came in handy to fix the gap. The C700 FF presents the full clear format of 5.7k and a further 69fps maximum contrast range, to add on the ISO 850.

Combining the digital and analogue features, the camera brings to us the possibility of using old and current camera equipment. Especially in the movie sector and as used by Hollywood. Such a camera would make it possible to fix an old scene in a new movie or re-edit and develop a past action to the new and digital format.


The RED camera

In 2005 Jim Jannard and Brad Oakley decided to bring us this "young focus".  I refer to it as the young focus because it is apparently the youngest film camera ever used in Hollywood films and general movie production. Red One brought to my attention one great feature that I really liked, the 12-bit color depth.

It's something considering the need for clarity if we are to leave alone the issue of contrast. Later, like ten years, the red series presented a real picture monster, the RED MONSTRO. As the name suggests, there were a lot of monstrous features included in the new set. An 8k full format with 800ISO and a maximum 60 fps is really something on the other end.

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Considering that part of the film era included the past, there is much that such a camera includes that prompts Hollywood to include this in the list of many other cameras used in Hollywood movies.

It is important to Nate that a number of the cameras that were used in manufacturing analogue movies are still in use by Hollywood. Only that a number of modifications have been done both on the machines themselves or the handling of the content they produce.

Next on our list is the CINE ALTA

My major focus is on the digital aspects now and the CINE ALTA is going to open this door to show us what Hollywood is interested, in making the movies we enjoy watching on our screen's day after day. This machine from Sony brings in a digital method of replicating the old 35mm motion picture films. It is fully digital and as the name explains, it boasts a very high resolution considering that the word Cine denotes cinema while Alta is the Italian name for high. It is basically a high-resolution cinema camera.

Arri Alexa

Arri Alexa Video Camera

This is the youngest manufacture in the movie industry. This is a digital motion picture system that has been widely used by Hollywood since then to produce high-quality pictures that replicate the 35mm films. One great thing about this camera is that it combines a number of recording systems such as the SXS, the SXR capture drives, and the CFast and all these are at a high consistently high resolution of up to 2880x 2160 which is a very big leap into clarity at long last. 

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Although there are many others that build up our list of types of camera used in Hollywood movies, the above discussed have got specific features that caught my eye and I thought we should go through them together and at least have a glimpse of the different types of cameras that Hollywood use.

Note that many of these cameras are very expensive and high quality manufactured by specific companies such as Sony also not forgetting that many of them are used on rent. However, that is not as important. It is far much more than just this. With the basis of the features accompanying the different camera types we are able to find out much more about camera types used by Hollywood.

Stretching from the early motion picture films to the current HD digital movies the above discussion is able to reflect what we consider the major types of cameras used in Hollywood movies, good enough for anyone who's got the curiosity of exploring the same.

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